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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, June 24, 2016

We Need To Keep Our Guard Up Feb 22, 2016

Hey family! 

Not many pictures from my end either. Not much has been going on. The week for you sounded awesome though! Kennedy i hope your dog has puppies. that will be awesome. Mo congrats on your license and kennedy congrats on your permit! thats really cool. but please please please be careful. Driving is cool but as president cosgrave says, "DDST." dont do stupid (we dont say that) things. 

This week was slow. we were really busy almost every day with something. we didnt get as much teaching in. but we still did well. we got to watch the world wide missionary broadcast. that was really cool. i love Elder Bednar. so much. The way he can just speak is incredible. This week was also the first time i proselyted with an umbrella because of the heat. the sun is coming back hard. its insane. but the umbrella made for some funny stories that i'll have to tell you when im home. speaking of which. my release date is the 21 of june. i believe that is the day i leave for home. 

so i have awesome news. its official, ema and afi are on their way to the temple as we speak. they will just be doing baptisms for the dead. but thats still cool. haha i was talking to afi and i asked her if she is ready for the drive from tamale to accra. she said, "elder madsen! i cant ride down with them! we will just be flying to accra and we'll meet them there." hah i love them! i also found out last night that becky amoa and brother amoa will be going. to do the same thing. this is the family where the husband was baptized over 20 years ago. and then went way less active. then got married. this is also one of my favorite families from tamale. im so so happy. i just went to bed smiling last night just thinking about them. i cant wait to hear when they all get sealed. 

so i read a scripture in 1 peter 5:8. it compares satan to a lion. which i thought was really cool. if you think about how a lion works. they attack those (animals) who are alone, vulnerable, careless, weak, or just idle. satan does the same thing. he and his angels. we need to keep our guard up! anyway family. thats about all i have for this week. Thank you for being here for me! love you all!

-Elder Madsen

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