Ghana Kumasi Mission

"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Monday, June 30, 2014

Out-Standing in the Field...

Elder Chadwick & Elder Madsen meet! They aren't companions, but Chase's sister
Macquel sits right next to Elder Chadwick's mom at work! Small, small world!
     First off, getting out here was crazy! Leaving all of the kids at the MTC was sad, we became such close friends. It's super hot here and crazy humid! I sweat all time, literally...all the time! So me and my comp were walking down a street and Ghana was playing someone in a soccer game. When Ghana scored everyone on the whole street started cheering. It was awesome!
      My apt is alright, kinda beat up but it's cool. The power goes out a couple times a day so that's fun ha ha. The water in the shower is SO COLD, I hate taking showers now but I do anyway. The street vendors and the tro tro's make Ghana an awesome place. The food tastes good but is sometimes made in poor conditions so I don't want to eat it sometimes, but we do. The kids here LOVE me and I love them! They are so cute. Every day wherever I'm going kids will just yell at me. They go, "Oh broni! broni! broni!" in the cutest voice. Sometimes when I'm walking down the street groups of like nine kids will just come out and start chanting "broni" so I wave to them and they just smile. After I've waved and started walking again they just yell more so that I wave to them, and they'll stop once I'm out of sight. I love it. Even some of the adults greet me by saying that.
     Everyone here speaks Twi, and we are actually not allowed to teach people who can't speak English. Religion is huge here, everyone belongs to some kind of church which is actually kind of nice, cause we just show them why we believe what we believe and they are really accepting. The kids here work so so hard, they are crazy independent. It's so safe here as well, the kids just walk home in the dark all the time and they're like 5 and 6. The women carry anything on their heads, it's insane. They carry so much at a time as well.
     The biggest problems we run into as far as religion goes: god doesn't have a body, they are all the same being, no man can see god, and no one can add or take away from the Bible. So, I had the chance to baptize two people. My companion had been working with them for a while and offered to let me baptize them. I turned it down though, I like comparing baptisms to fishing. If I didn't string up the pole, bait it, cast it, hook it, and reel it in...IT'S NOT MINE. So I can't take credit for it haha. I'll baptize someone after I've been working with them for a while.
     I've realized something about religion here. We meet in a kind of beat up building, the hymn books are all falling apart, and it didn't feel like church at home. But that's not at all what church is. It's not the buildings, it's not the chairs. Religion for people here is huge, the building you meet in doesn't define your religion, it's what goes on inside. Going to classes and learning and taking the sacrament,  as long as you're getting those things done then that's good enough. 
     I've also come to love love love reading the Book of Mormon. Honestly that book is so powerful. I can feel the Spirit literally just by opening it when I'm getting ready to read it. Being here has helped me understand so much about our church and the gospel. I'm loving this church more and more everyday.
love, Elder Madsen

Saturday, June 28, 2014

This was the last day Chase was in the MTC (he was only there for 11 days). This picture says it all. We still have only received one e-mail. Are we anxious??? I think I was born anxious (this is Mike).

Trusting in the Lord is a full time job...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pics from the MTC

MTC Companions, Elder Ojok and Elder Madsen

Elder Madsen's MTC District

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

First Five Days!

     Hey guys!! So first off i don't have a ton of time so my spelling and grammar might be a little sloppy. Anyway. my flight stuff was interesting but I'm glad it happened. I ended up talking to a woman at a worship center thing at the Dallas airport and we got talking a lot about the church. She ended up wanting to say a prayer for me before i left and i said ya. So she touched my arm with one hand and my shoulder with the other. It was the coolest prayer I've ever heard. Even though the flight stuff was crazy I'm really really really glad it happened. I learned a good lesson too, that when you are in a bad situation, you're already in it so you might as well make the best of it.
     I arrived safely so that was nice but the driving here is CRAZY. I'm am so surprised i haven't gotten in an accident. seems crazy to me but everyone is doing the exact same thing and they don't get in accidents, at least that I've seen. And they all honk but like dad said they don't do it cuz they're mad but because they are just letting you know they are there. It's awesome. Getting to know my companions was cool. They are all from different parts of Africa and the couple elders that are here not from Africa are from Utah, New Zealand, and Australia. They are so cool. At first when i got here they were SO hard to understand it was ridiculous. But now i am getting the hang of it, and when i pray silently i can hear myself kinda with their accent. Its sweet. 
     As for the learning part of the mtc its been amazing. I've learned a ton so far and im learning more and more every day. Also, dad, i wish i would have listened more when it comes to the gospel related stuff!! When a question comes up i can remember a part of what you told me to answer it but i cant remember the whole thing! I hate it. Anyway, the people are so nice and humble. I almost feel bad having the things that i do. Family, be extremely grateful for what you have. Honestly. Most of the kids i have gotten close to only have one parent. because the other parent has passed away. Not left. They have all passed away. And with a lot of them, all they want is be able to come to America some day. I have a lot more to tell you about but that will have to be later. They keep coming over to see what i am writing. Mainly cuz i type so fast. Also be grateful for your education and use it. 
     On to other things. I'm a district leader! So that's fun. I get to teach my district lessons and we are having so much fun getting to know each other. My district is soooo funny. I love em. I'm learning more twi as well. Tons of kids here know it. At first getting the call to be a district leader scared me, but just jumping into it and doing as much as you can makes all the difference. I had to prepare a talk for a meeting in the morning and then a talk for sacrament meeting as well, all in one night, and we don't have a lot of time so it was at about 10:30. Getting a tiny idea of what dad does makes me really grateful for all that he does. And I'm just sorry its taken me till now to realize that. 
     I'm super tired still from the flights and from the time difference. But i think i am starting to catch up. I miss home so much its crazy. Well, i did at first and i know its only been a couple of days but I'm getting used to it and I'm loving it. Instead of thinking of how much time you have left, if you just lose yourself in the work it flies by. I cant send pictures today cuz i cant figure out how right now. But i will,i know you can do it with the card reader i just need more time. Don't worry, i don't have that many anyway. haha. 
     We went to this shop by the mall and there were a couple of cops standing outside of it. They carry these ak 47's, its pretty cool. These kids are AMAZING at soccer. Its insane. I played them and i felt like the biggest noob. Its ok though, they think its funny. I'm making friends like crazy too so that's awesome. When you shake their hands they all do the snap thing right after you shake, which is way sweet. I wish Americans did it. Now whenever i shake someones hand who doesn't do it,it throws me off. Also when they want to get your attention they'll make a little hissing noise at you. They're so awesome.
      We went to the temple today!! I was baptized, confirmed, and i went through the temple, all for my companions passed father. It was so cool. The font there is absolutely amazing. I cant even describe it in words. The way i felt when i walked in there was so awesome. the spirit was so strong. And it wasn't all white. They almost had no white in there, it was mainly dark marble. But it was still so so so clean and i felt the spirit so strong. The way the font is set up is so sweet, its so hard to explain but ill try one day. Oh! one more thing. There are street vendors that walk in the middle of all the cars in traffic. You just hand your money out the window and then you get whatever they are selling. Anyway i have to go. Love you all!!!
-elder madsen

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We took Elder Madsen to the airport at 1:30pm, we hugged & laughed & took pictures til 2, then we watched him walk through security & wave good-bye! He had to wait at his gate for his flight to leave a t 4:30, he lands in Dallas at 7pm our time, then flies through the night to London. His last leg will get him to Ghana by 1:15pm (our time) tomorrow!

We had some tears, but he's been so ready for this & we're so excited for him! 

His MTC address is:

Elder Michael Chase Madsen
Ghana Kumasi Mission
Ghana Missionary Training Center
Community 10
Hospital Road