Ghana Kumasi Mission

"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Return With Honor June 22 2016

Elder Chase Madsen Home From Kumasi, Ghana Mission

Thank you for all your love and prayers on his behalf while he served!

Last Wonderful Week June 13 2016

hey fam.

(potentially the last time i write that). i loved this email. thanks mom and dad for your words. i have loved my time here. i know sometimes i complained and it was hard and what what. but its been amazing. 

dad im good to go fishing. i just hope i dont want to sleep the whole time. im still trying to figure out how to get into a normal sleep schedule, because of the time difference and all. and im super excited for the fishing pole!!! i was thinking about that too :) i loved the pictures.

this week was great. flew by. we had a ton of rain and had to cross a river with our shoes and socks off just to get to our area. we had to teach bro. mensah before his interview. and his baptism didnt happen. he needs a special interview. so president will do that when he comes this week. this week we also have zone conference. i'll be able to bear my testimony :). i re found one of my favorite scriptures. its 2 tim. 3:7. i love it. this weeks sacrament meetings was one of the most spiritual meetings i have had in a while. it was really cool. i cant wait for the temple. 

there is also a picture of me when we went to an investigators farm. we got to weed and help plant stuff. it was fun! 

well. i hope this week goes fast. and slow. its weird. i cant believe im done.

elder madsen

Finish Strong! June 6 2016

hey family! 

so dad, first off. i dont think i'll need anymore money. to be honest, i'd rather just save it for stuff back home. like maybe clothes and stuff like that. i got some good things. i hope everyone is content with the stuff i got em. its not easy shopping here. i got moms nativity. and that took about half the money. and then the other stuff i got was good. paintings. masks. i got some bigger stuff for myself. and then just smaller things for the siblings. and of course i got some cool things for you too ;). i have also been given free stuff. which was really cool. sweet people here in ghana. 

well this week sounds like it was a good one at home. mom i think for my first breakfast, if i'm allowed to request ;) would be your waffles with the home made syrup. and captain crunch! kinda like christmas. is that ok? and for the airport. family and extended family. no friends yet. if thats cool.

 this week for us was even faster than last. the week flew. and i said goodbye to elder snow. which was weird. he was my comp a year and a half ago. probably one of my best friends on mission. and this week also topped the last with church attendance. we had 8 investigators at church. which is awesome for techiman. sadly 5 were there for the sacrament though. then others came after. for sure, that man afo mensah will be baptized next sunday. we pray at least. we could have a couple more before i leave which would be so awesome. 

i feel so good at this time of my mission. i just want to finish strong. with success. it feels so good. like im fulfilling the purpose of me coming out here. still tamale is my favorite. but i love techiman as well. i think it takes second. it doesnt feel real that im about to go home. like, mission is my life. this is what i know! i know that i'll get back into the groove of things back home. but it'll be weird for sure. i need to get a way to make money too. i wanna get a couple things. and school. 

love you family! i could potentially only email home on more time. i dont know if i will the last monday. i'll leave here early for kumasi. and then from there i dont know what ill do. i think i want to go to the temple 2 times a week. once with bridger and then once myself. were i can just go through, and then just sit. and think. for hours. talk to you next week!! dad dont worry. i'll do my best not to die. if i do though. dont worry still. i love you all and we'll see each other so soon!

elder madsen

Finding People Who Are Prepared May 30 2016


i loved this email. it was so happy! it sounds like it was a really good week. sorry if there are typing errors. this keyboard is driving me insane. for reals though this week seemed way fun. cant wait to be there. good job graduating mo. and tenny, im excited you're going to be in high school! 

to be honest, i think this was one of the fastest and best weeks of my mission. it was so fast. and i am scared to tell you what happened, because it seems like every time something good happens, and i tell you about it, the next week has just the opposite. but i'll tell you anyway. and we'll see what happens. we met a man this week that is more ready and prepared than anyone i have ever taught. the way he understands, accepts, and loves the gospel is unreal. we were in our first lesson with him and his concern was why he couldnt be baptized sooner! he is so awesome. and really intelligent. his daughter is the same way. she is only 14. but she gets it. after the first lesson he came to church. and he loved it. he just gets it. you know, missionary work wouldnt at alll be hard, if all investigators were like him. 

this next week will be exciting. we enter june. the month i go home in ;). and we will go to kumasi for the last leadership council. it'll be cool. also, a really cool girl named millicent came to church. she stays far. and she cant leave her shop on sunday. she is an sda. if she leaves the shop with someone else, they wont know the prices. so what we did is we went to her shop and with her we listed all of the prices under the items. so she was able to leave her shop with someone else this past sunday and came. it was so sweet. anyway. that was this week. love you so much family. couple more weeks.

elder madsen

Thinking About Perfection May 23 2016


dad you and i need an email where we can just talk. i cant wait to get home, and see my siblings. 

this week i was thinking a lot about perfection. about how it will come. for some reason i have always just thought that when we get to heaven we will just be changed. but i think that is wrong. i think the reason we will be perfect in our attributes is because WE will have mastered them. and i think that is why we are encouraged so much here to work on them. because in the next life it will be a lot harder to progress. which is interesting. our mortal bodies are so sensitive. they grow and change so easily. 

well fam you sound busy as usual. crazy another week just went by. i cant believe how soon i'll be home. i know i said that two weeks ago. but still. its even closer now!! 

this past sunday we had a baptism! surprise! ha didnt tell ya about it. his name is samson. he was definitely prepared. he lives far away. and loves the church and its teachings. and we will hopefully have another this next week. we hope. things here are going well. the branch is starting to turn around. 

I MISS GIRLS. goodness. 

i love this mission. i love how i feel when i have good study sessions. pondering has become something i do A LOT. after i read. i just think. i cant wait to go to the temple and just spend hours sitting and thinking. feeling the spirit. i love you all so much. today we went to the water falls....again. thats the problem with being in a zone the longest. you have to do and re-do things with new members. but it was fun. sorry no pics. my card really is being weird. i might just have to wait till home. talk to you next week!!

elder madsen

My Time Seems Like Forever & So Short! May 16 2016

hey fam!

wow it sounds like this last week was a bit busy. really busy actually. thats good. mom im happy you are so busy. and that you like it. im sure you'd like a break every now and then though. momo im happy you're graduating! thats awesome. and tenny i cant wait to see your dogs. 

so dad i have a question. what is the meaning of temple again. i forgot the words. i know it is essentially where heaven and earth meet. but what is the exact thing again. also, i was reading in DandC this week. section 138 again :). and in vs. 28 and 29 i realized something cool. i feel like that is what using the urim and thummim will be like. as joseph was having this vision, he had a question. the second the question came to mind, the answer came as well. pretty cool. 

this week went pretty fast. i have pics to send. maybe next week though. or the week after that. or just when i get home ha!! ;) tomorrow president is coming to our zone council. it not that i dont like him. i love my mission president. its just when he's around i get super stressed. and now i'll be up there conducting our zone council with him there. kinda nervous. im doing well! the amount of time i have left seems like forever and so short at the same time. its so weird. 

leadership council. three of my companions are here. snow. botha. and now bernasko 

this week we had a REALLY really cool lesson. with a sister named sandra. she has come across some anti-mormon stuff. so we addressed her questions. and eventually got around to teaching the plan of salvation. she loved it. so much. and one of her questions was with baptisms for the dead. after she understood it she was so excited to be able to do that for her dad. i loved that lesson. its because of lessons like that, that i just want to do church work my whole life. 

anyway. i love you all so much! have a good week.