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1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Time Seems Like Forever & So Short! May 16 2016

hey fam!

wow it sounds like this last week was a bit busy. really busy actually. thats good. mom im happy you are so busy. and that you like it. im sure you'd like a break every now and then though. momo im happy you're graduating! thats awesome. and tenny i cant wait to see your dogs. 

so dad i have a question. what is the meaning of temple again. i forgot the words. i know it is essentially where heaven and earth meet. but what is the exact thing again. also, i was reading in DandC this week. section 138 again :). and in vs. 28 and 29 i realized something cool. i feel like that is what using the urim and thummim will be like. as joseph was having this vision, he had a question. the second the question came to mind, the answer came as well. pretty cool. 

this week went pretty fast. i have pics to send. maybe next week though. or the week after that. or just when i get home ha!! ;) tomorrow president is coming to our zone council. it not that i dont like him. i love my mission president. its just when he's around i get super stressed. and now i'll be up there conducting our zone council with him there. kinda nervous. im doing well! the amount of time i have left seems like forever and so short at the same time. its so weird. 

leadership council. three of my companions are here. snow. botha. and now bernasko 

this week we had a REALLY really cool lesson. with a sister named sandra. she has come across some anti-mormon stuff. so we addressed her questions. and eventually got around to teaching the plan of salvation. she loved it. so much. and one of her questions was with baptisms for the dead. after she understood it she was so excited to be able to do that for her dad. i loved that lesson. its because of lessons like that, that i just want to do church work my whole life. 

anyway. i love you all so much! have a good week.

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