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1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

We Are Blessed As A Family May 2 & 9 2016

May 2 2016
hey fam! 

sounds like a busy week. the usual ;) this week was good. the
elder in my apt still doesnt want to talk to me much. but its better.

dad that sounds good with school. i really think i'd like BYUI as well. i think that would be good after a semester at UVU. i cant believe how little time i have left. something kinda crappy happened today. an elder wanted to use my hair clippers. and he didnt use the converter. so the motor kinda "popped" and it was smoking. so its broken. i have no idea how i'll do my hair for when i come home. i have been cutting it. seeing how long it will take to get a certain length, so that when i come home i can have it just as long as i want it. and now its broken...kinda scared. but it'll be fine. anyway. not much time today. dad you'll see why in a second. love you all so so much! cant wait to talk!

-Elder Madsen


This is my gift for mom for mothers day. its a poem. dad i would like
you to print it off. and then on mothers day when i call i will read
it outloud as she reads it. here it is

 Dear Mom,
    My gift for you, this mothers day
    though its no work of art,
    is a poem i wrote, just to say
    i love you with all my heart

    There are so many things that make you great
    you have so many gifts from above
    so i've picked just a few, if fact, ive picked eight
    of the things, about you, that i love

    First is your smile, its so warm and so bright
    it can turn someones day right around
    second, your kind to everyone thats in sight,
    as a friend, you're well renowned

    Third is the fact that you're creative and fun,
    you've always got something to do
    whether christmas, birthdays, or the errands we'd run
    they're fun, if we're with you

    Fourth, your example, just by living you lead
    i couldnt as for much more
    you've taught me so much, and i can say, that indeed
    i know for women, i should open the door ;)

    Five is something you must have been taught,
    there must be a mothers handbook,
    its all the different occupations you've got,
   like a nurse, a vet, and a cook

    Six, you're just happy, its so plain to see
    its like nothing can bring my mom down.
    when im sad, with you, is where i should be
    cuz you're the best at fixing my frowns

    Seven is how you're so witty and funny,
    i love laughing and joking with you.
    from your happy dance, to your marshmallow bunnies
    to getting abs from just licking your spoon!

    The last is the love that you have for each child,
    its as endless and deep as the sea.
    My temper, at times, was a bit more than mild,
    but you've never stopped caring for me.

    Well here they are, numbers one through eight
    i'd continue, but they never end
    Im still yet to find your super-mom cape
    i know you've got it! so dont pretend.

    I'd just like to end, by saying thank you,
    for being the worlds best mom.
    And that saying may be cliche its true,
    but trust me, its not wrong.


Dad. i want to skype mom for mothers day. i want to surprise her. my
branch president is letting me borrow his tablet and i'll buy the
credit this week. i'll have to call in the evening. maybe around six
or seven my time. i cant remember what time that will be for you. but
i'll call you before i skype. thanks dad! love you. and just so you
know. all of these things apply to you as well. you are both such
incredible parents. 

May 9 2016

hey family! so i dont have a ton to write today. i loved seeing all of you. it feels so weird seeing you. i just feel like im there. when i saw a couple of you get up and go to the sink, i just felt like i could walk on over and just get a drink. it was weird. mom i hope you had the best day. fam i love how we are so close. you have no idea the family situations i've seen here. we truly are blessed. keep being awesome. pray for me so that dads scary thought of me DYING doesnt come to pass. love you all. one down...5 more to go. (emails home that is)

elder madsen

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