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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Converted To The Gospel April 25 2016

hey fam!

so, you're going to hate me for this. but my card is not being read. i cant send pics. dont know why. sorry. i cant wait to talk! its coming up so fast. it will most likely just be over the phone. it is good to see the little baby puppy! and kimball. thats so awesome. im glad you had a good birthday mom. 

dad i have just been studying a lot in daniel. and in mosiah. im more just reading the books to get a better understanding of them. i know its better to study by topic. and i do a lot of the time. i dont know. not a ton of deep questions lately. the ones i have now are about the temple. and that one i'll have to ask when we go. but as I study, i'll let you know if i have any questions. i gave a talk on sunday based off the scripture 1 tim 4:12. it was reallly cool. i got to share my experience that led me to being more converted to the gospel. the man that was a great example. i think thats part of what i want to share at my homecoming. 

we also had an interesting experience this week. president called me aside and told me he has heard of some disobedience in the zone. and he asked me who i knew of and what they were doing. so i told him. an elder in my apt, i recently just found out, has a personal phone. so when i told president that he immedietly went to the elder and pulled him aside and talked to him. so then later the elder confronted me and asked me what he had done to me to make me report him. he was so upset at me. and i told him that president asked me, so i told him. im not going to lie to president. he still isnt talking to me. which is awkward because we are in the same apt. anyway. i tried explaining it and being kind. but he is just mad. its alright though. 

we had a lot of success with church yesterday. we had several people come. we are hoping that a few will be baptized before i go. i feel like im still really fighting the natural man inside of me. overcoming it will be a lifelong struggle. but i feel it will get easier along the way if i keep moving forward. a talk i read recently. "converted unto the lord". its so sweet. it helps me with my testimony and understanding the process of conversion. 

love you all. sorry about the pics. not sure what is wrong.

elder madsen

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