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1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Obedience And Light April 18 2016

hey fam!!! 

well, it sounds like it was an eventful week!! thats good. mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK!! WOO! dont worry. you're not old. ive met ladies here that are about 110. thats old. haha maquel and josh are enjoying! thats going to be way fun. ya mom we are doing well sickness wise. the only thing that is scary is my back. light right on my spine. way low. it just hurts. i am so scared something will happen right at the end of my mission. we walk so much its almost unhealthy. but its aight. im still alive so its cool ;). 

this week was good! we had zone council this week. and i wanted to give the instruction. a lot of the members in the zone are fairly disobedient. with pretty bad things. its annoying. so i instructed on obedience. and i talked a lot about light. read some from d and c 93. it went well. the zone is awesome i just hate seeing good missionaries come into bad environments and then they get corrupted. its like a virus, a plague. this mission struggles badly with disobedience. i asked easton how his mission was and he said most everyone is obedient. i was so surprised. here its like 1 out of every 5 that is obedient. if that. i also read an awesome talk. its "The light of the perfect day." its so cool. 

just so you know my pics are all safe. its just the computer. and this week i forgot my card reader. a couple friends emailed me today. i cant wait to see them! i know its close. but my time still seems far. which is also good. i dont want it to go too fast. im glad everyone is doing well. question, when does the semester start? love you all so much!

-Elder Madsen

Additional letter from Elder Madsen to his dad:

Hey dad! thanks for the pics. haha as for speaking time in sacrament. not sure. i still think about that day and get nervous. i havent stood in front of that many people in a looonngg time. and i dont know, they're all white. it'll be weird. 

the work is moving forward. the new area is good! we are having a mission tour next month. Elder vincin, vincint, not sure how to spell it. is coming. we will have a pretty personal meeting with him as leaders in the mission. itll be cool. 

i have been studying a lot about light lately. i love it. officially its my favorite topic. and my favorite sections in d and c are 76, 88, 93, 130, 132, 138. i love knowing whats coming. i cant wait for these blessings. this motivates me so much to be better. which i hate. i wish i had that motivation purely from love. i think thats just why i need to get my testimony stronger and stronger. so that i can obey and serve out of my love for God. good luck with your meeting!  let me know how it goes. if you can, greet any of the twelve for me ;)

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