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1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Small World April 11 2016

morning family!

the sweet thing about GH is sometimes you'll stick your pics into a computer and it shows that there is nothing on the memory card. i hope the pics are still there. it sounds like you had an eventful week! i cant believe grandma met a sister from my mission. small world. i got the package! sad to say that all the candy is gone...lets just say i had a headache a couple times. it was soooo sweet though! loved it. 

one way funny thing that happened. we went to leadership council this week. and a nigerian elder had a question. he started by saying, "well, when i was in primary, i was reading from the doctrine and covenants and read a scripture..." at this point the whole council starts dying of laughter. nigerians are known for their doctrinal knowledge. and for just loving doctrine. so president says, "haha you were probably the only one of us studying the doctrine and covenants in primary!" it was so so funny. 

this week was good. we are switching areas with the sisters this week. my comp was sick last night. really sick. he woke me up at 4 and had me heat up water for him. to put on a cloth so he could warm up from it. and he had a temp of 102. tomorrow he might get tested for malaria if he isnt feeling better. easton finally emailed me. it was good to hear from him. i love him. 

i hope all of you have a good week! i love you all so much!

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