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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Conference Weekend April 4 2016


i love emails like this. i CANT WAIT for conference at home. we were only able to watch one session on saturday. Mervyn B. Arnold is an emotional guy. he did well though. it sounds like all of you are doing well. kinda worried about momo. i just want to talk to her! mom where will i be flying too? and how long? sorry i have to make this email a little shorter. i just spend like 15 minutes trying to send these pics. but this week was alright. my comp is cool. just different. the sense of humor is so much different than elder botha's. elder botha's was a lot like mine. but itll be good for me. 

this week though was probably the most stressful of my mission. i have never felt so stressed that felt like i was going to throw up. and that happend like twice this week. now that im the senior comp. im showing elder bernasko how to be a ZL. everything is on me. keeping track of the imprest. which is a thousand cedis. a lot of money. im in charge of getting people to and from kumasi. which is not a short distance. and the two other elders in my apt dont care at allll about being obedient. and my comp is a little more lax as well. so its hard. but i will say that i work (as in proselyting and teaching) so much better with west africans than anyone else. i have high hopes for these last two transfers. my comp does like to work though. so thats good. and just know that im doing way good now. it was just a little overwhelming. but now my head is on a little more straight. and i think the added responsibility will be good. it will help me with future jobs, my fam. its good. i know the lord qualifies whom he calls. 

also, im getting a new area. the sisters and ourselves are switching. for convenience. this week something really interesting happened. we met a white girl from washington. she is pretty cool. she is here with the peace corps. she has been asking a TON of questions about the church. she knows a little bit about it. and doesnt really like it. but i've been able to answer her well. it kinda feels weird teaching these things to a white person. she has some different beliefs. 

anyway. i have an idea. for mothers day i want to send something for mom to read. but i dont want her to read it until i get to call. and i want to read it with her. so ill send it the monday before. and she cant see it!! ive had a couple thoughts about a future job. i really think i want to help people in some way. either therapist, working at a rehab facility. helping medically in 3rd world countries, or law enforcement. i know some of these dont make as much money. but i think they would be sweet.

for reals though. i wasnt going to tell you about the little struggle this week. but thats when it was happening. the only reason i told you about it is because its past now. the imprest balanced. im getting used to my comp. things are good. so dont worry momma! and dad we're working hard. my comp is an incredible teacher. 

love you all! thanks for the awesome email 

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