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1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

The People Of Ghana Are Selfless March 28 2016


easter has come and gone! and guess what! im on my last two transfers. 12 weeks. thats insane. this week was zone conference. it was good. besides the fact that we did a role play in front of both zones and the people that were playing as the investigators were president and sister cosgrave....but it went well :). i read a scripture this week that reminded me of the people of ghana. its jacob 2:17. i love this scripture. it, along with the people of ghana, teach a great lesson on being selfless. here if you walk to someones house, they'll invite you to eat no matter what. even if they've got little kids to feed. if its just themselves. they just want everyone to be able to enjoy. which is so awesome. sometimes when i have food, candy, or anything. i just want to eat it alllll by myself. but its so much better to just share and let everyone enjoy. even if you all just enjoy a little. 

i've already mentioned alhasan. he is so cool. he was a muslim and he converted to Christianity about 5 months ago. he hasnt been baptized and he loves the teachings. when we contacted his house. it was really cool. we were just walking by it and as we were walking i noticed i just felt drawn to his house. we just walked up, knocked, and he came out and invited us right in. we met him last week and he came to church yesterday. he is so awesome. we have high hopes for him. we are pretty hopeful that he will be baptized in the next couple weeks. and a sister named margret also came to church. she is really smart and really cool. we have high hopes for her too. 

i didnt take any pics this week so im sorry. none to send. but i'll be getting a new comp this week. probably my last. he is way cool. his name is elder bernasko. i do love the north but i dont think i'll go back. my new comp is ghanain. i knew him in tamale. i pray we do well together. he can play the guitar really well. and he likes to sing. so we'll have some fun in the apt ;). time has been flying. this week was really good. i am trying to focus more on the work. its hard with how close home is. but im going to miss it like crazy when i go. 

i am also still just trying to improve myself. i have noticed that i am still really far from what i want to become. and i have such a short time left on my mission. anyway, not a ton more to write about. im super excited for bridger! 

love you all. have an awesome week!

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