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1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Thinking About Perfection May 23 2016


dad you and i need an email where we can just talk. i cant wait to get home, and see my siblings. 

this week i was thinking a lot about perfection. about how it will come. for some reason i have always just thought that when we get to heaven we will just be changed. but i think that is wrong. i think the reason we will be perfect in our attributes is because WE will have mastered them. and i think that is why we are encouraged so much here to work on them. because in the next life it will be a lot harder to progress. which is interesting. our mortal bodies are so sensitive. they grow and change so easily. 

well fam you sound busy as usual. crazy another week just went by. i cant believe how soon i'll be home. i know i said that two weeks ago. but still. its even closer now!! 

this past sunday we had a baptism! surprise! ha didnt tell ya about it. his name is samson. he was definitely prepared. he lives far away. and loves the church and its teachings. and we will hopefully have another this next week. we hope. things here are going well. the branch is starting to turn around. 

I MISS GIRLS. goodness. 

i love this mission. i love how i feel when i have good study sessions. pondering has become something i do A LOT. after i read. i just think. i cant wait to go to the temple and just spend hours sitting and thinking. feeling the spirit. i love you all so much. today we went to the water falls....again. thats the problem with being in a zone the longest. you have to do and re-do things with new members. but it was fun. sorry no pics. my card really is being weird. i might just have to wait till home. talk to you next week!!

elder madsen

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