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1 timothy 4:12

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finding People Who Are Prepared May 30 2016


i loved this email. it was so happy! it sounds like it was a really good week. sorry if there are typing errors. this keyboard is driving me insane. for reals though this week seemed way fun. cant wait to be there. good job graduating mo. and tenny, im excited you're going to be in high school! 

to be honest, i think this was one of the fastest and best weeks of my mission. it was so fast. and i am scared to tell you what happened, because it seems like every time something good happens, and i tell you about it, the next week has just the opposite. but i'll tell you anyway. and we'll see what happens. we met a man this week that is more ready and prepared than anyone i have ever taught. the way he understands, accepts, and loves the gospel is unreal. we were in our first lesson with him and his concern was why he couldnt be baptized sooner! he is so awesome. and really intelligent. his daughter is the same way. she is only 14. but she gets it. after the first lesson he came to church. and he loved it. he just gets it. you know, missionary work wouldnt at alll be hard, if all investigators were like him. 

this next week will be exciting. we enter june. the month i go home in ;). and we will go to kumasi for the last leadership council. it'll be cool. also, a really cool girl named millicent came to church. she stays far. and she cant leave her shop on sunday. she is an sda. if she leaves the shop with someone else, they wont know the prices. so what we did is we went to her shop and with her we listed all of the prices under the items. so she was able to leave her shop with someone else this past sunday and came. it was so sweet. anyway. that was this week. love you so much family. couple more weeks.

elder madsen

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