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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Friday, June 24, 2016

Added Protein In The Soup...February 29 2016

hey family! 

wow sorry to hear about jessica. ill definitely keep her
in my prayers. i am glad to hear though that things should be ok. dad
your weekend sounds incredibly busy. haha thats what happens when you're just that good at speaking. speaking of which, who do you think
will win the presidential elections? i have heard a little bit about
it here from new missionaries. i cant wait to see what happens. dad i
would love to come back here some day. that would be so cool. and i can see
how my mission is preparing me. that is even why i get frustrated with
myself when i act immature or just get mad at something. i want to
just be a happy person. in my patriarchal blessing, speaking about my
future family, it says that there will be no contention in the home
because there will be not contention between me and my wife. i really
want to make that happen. i dont want contention. it makes me feel

so a couple things from this week. we met a girl who didn't know her name or age. it was super sad. some kids here just work from when they're very young. thats all they do, work. we met her as she was selling tomatoes house to house. 

so it hasnt rained since november. just sun. but last night it rained a little and
we are pretty sure it will rain more tonight. its so humid though. i
sweat more today than i have in a long time. also i need to buy shoes
again. this pair didnt last me very long. but they arent expensive
dont worry. ha and yesterday, we were eating soup with banku. my comp
saw something on his hand and was like, "dude, thats a maggot." and
sure enough. it was. we then found out that there were a lot in there.
we didnt see them at first. and we had eaten a decent amount. i felt
like i was goingt to throw up. they were all dead. but it was nasty.
we showed the member that was feeding us and she said it must have
been from the meat they boiled in the stew. SO GROSS. 

this week was alright. we have had some rough days. i feel like my mission is getting harder. its going faster for sure. and i love it. i know the hard times help you grow.
maybe thats why i was sent here. i had\have a lot of growing to do. i
was going to send pics this week. but the computer i am using today is
kinda bad.
anyway. thats about all from this week. love you all! 

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