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Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Religion Is Simple March 7 2016

hey family,

so i am excited to hear what is going on with bridger. i know he is making amazing changes in his life. and i was so happy to be able to talk with him. i am just a little lost and its kinda hard to follow. i am incredibly happy though. when president told me he got a call from my family my heart sank. jess was in the hospital and i wasnt sure if something had happened to her or any of my family. so please fill me in well with what is going on. but it was so good to hear his voice. i think about our family in the eternal perspective all the time. i just want us to be together. 

well i didnt get to explain last week about why mission has been a little hard. my comp was sitting next to me. but its just a little hard with him right now. he is awesome. way funny. just a cool guy. but we have weird times. he just gets upset easily when things dont work out. this is our third transfer together. and there are still 2 weeks left. itll be fine though. he is one of my good friends on mission. i just wanted to let you know that im good. im happy. and im healthy.

i realized something this week. well, more like re-realized it. but change doesnt come from learning. but by applying what you learn. some people think they will just change from coming out on a mission. like that the mission changes them. the only way you'll change is by applying what you've learned. you can learn all about patience, charity, diligence. but it will mean nothing unless you apply it. i have so much to learn. and i want to learn so much when i get back. no time to waste! 

there are a couple scriptures i was thinking about this week. james 1:27. mosiah 2:17. matt 25:35-40. and matt 22:36-39. this is our religion! its so simple. also this week i studied something sweet. in moroni 7:45 when it speaks about charity. i just took it apart and found scriptures that were good examples of each of those qualities. haha i definitely realized why charity is the greatest of all. its really cool to see. its something i want to do for fhe when i am home. so dont do it!! dad i can see why the rule of waking up on time is the most important. something i have been doing this past week, and something i want to continue to do, is wake up at six. and get ready quickly to have more time for study. one thing i feel ive learned how to do is manage time. if you do it well, you can make a day so productive. and the extra study time in the morning is so cool. you can learn twice as much.

this week was alright though. we have met some really cool people. we went to monkey village again. but today was a holiday so there was so many people. and the monkeys were more scared. it was not nearly as fun. anyway. thats about all for this week. love you all so much! talking to bridger was awesome. i was sad it had to be short. have an awesome week!
Elder Madsen  

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