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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, June 24, 2016

I Can't Believe I'm An Uncle! March 14 2016


wow. i cant believe im an uncle. that is the coolest news. he is so dang cute. i cant wait to meet my first nephew!! im glad jess is doing better. keep me updated on her recovery. i loved the pics. tenny thats cool to hear about your dog! hopefully it has babies. soon. mom i would love one last package. 

this week we went to kumasi and the night we stay there we always watch something. this time it was the face to face. i got to see bridger! it was really cool. i enjoyed it a ton. (also. dad. i watched the churches new easter video and there is one girl in it that is just too pretty. if you knew her. i would definitely try to marry her. its the one with olive skin. and PERFECT hair. dang it that girl was pretty. haha)

so this week was good. it went way fast though because we went to kumasi. as far as teaching though it was good. one thing we might do soon, is switch the sisters area with ours. its weird. we walk through their area to get to ours. and they walk through our area to get to theirs. it would save time and money. 

dad i have been thinking a lot again about a profession. i dont know what to do. as far as school goes. i am really thinking about byui. at first i still want to go to uvu. for like a semester. but maybe we could get my school schedule set up soon. if i could get a list of potential classes. i could select some. and then i could just be set up for when i get home. what do you think? 

i am so happy about the changes that are happening in our family. im a little sad that i cant be there to see all of them. but that will come soon enough. dad today bridger and i swapped personal study insights. it was really cool. i think it will be a good way for him to start sharing what he studies. and also a way for us to get closer. love you all! ha and if you want to know how bad people try to rip us off. i wanted to buy a mask this week. the guy said it was 80 cedis. they are used to selling to new missionaries that will buy it at whatever price they say. but he doesnt know im reaching my 2 year mark. i got it for 25. ;) and he walked away pretty upset. 

love you all!

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