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1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Heavenly Father Will Help if I Put In My Half February 15 2016

hey family! 

this week was good. so first off. dad i loved loved loved the stuff you sent about oil. i LOVED it. and it sounds like a busy week. wow. 

so a report of this week. the weeks we go to kumasi seem to go the fastest. its insane. but this week was a little scarier. my comp and i were asked to do a role play of teaching in front of everyone. the mission president. the ap's. and every other zone leader and sister training leader in the mission. it was scary. but it went really well. lately ive been noticing the heavenly father is really helping me out. when i have to do something scary, i just do it with faith that he will help me and it always turns out well. as long as i am putting in my half. 

i also feel like, and this is just how i feel personally, that sometimes heavenly father prompts me and lets me know that something will happen before it does. i think the reason it happens is because he knows me. and knows that i HATE not knowing what will happen, and it prepares me a little. before i was called to tamale, i was sure i was going. and even before leadership council i felt that we would do the role play.  its just something i have noticed. i love the feeling of doing something successfully. its the best. 

also i was thinking about something this week. in the temple, when we watch the video of the creation. Heavenly Father says, "return and report." i was thinking about that. i think it teaches the best lesson on accountability. heavenly father can see everything. he knows everything. so why would he tell them to return and report? because he wants us to be accountable for the things we have done. to recognize we have been given certain responsibilities and then to account to him on how we have carried them out. i just think its really cool. 

dad i cant tell you how much i want to meet some of these apostles you work with. you're truly lucky. and i cant tell you how much i want some rain. its coming soon i think. things here are getting harder but better. harder because my time is coming closer. i think about home more and more. i think i am in my last area. the only thing is, president can move me on my last transfer. and if im released as a zone leader and im not in kumasi i wont be able to buy anything. unless i rush on the last day when i go to the mission home. thats why its nice being a zone leader. we go down every month. 

anyway. i cant wait to apply the things ive learned here in my life back home. im so scared of the world though. i dont want friends and others to try and take me out of my faith. i know the church is true. and i want exaltation so badly. i want to be good. i'll need you to help me! anyway. thats all for this week! love you all.
elder madsen

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