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1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Thinking About Obedience February 8 2016

hey family! 

here are some extra pics from last week. me in a tree.

wow this week was busy for you. momo im glad you are working. thats awesome. i cant wait to see you too. one of my favorite memories of mo is when dad and i were working outside in the cold. we were hot though because we were working. and mo warmed up some water, and brought it to us to drink so we wouldnt get too cold outside. ;) love you so much! tenny i cant wait to see your dog. she sounds amazing! bridger i hope you get a sweet job. fam i cant wait to see you! question, did easton get taller? he looks a little taller. i cant wait to see him. 

so dad right after i asked the question on the spirit world an elder just came to our apt with tons of quotes like that on it. it helped a lot. and i love the ones you sent. i cant wait for that time. its going to be incredible to see. ill print and read about the oil. 

so one cool thing this week. two brothers, john and jonas, have been going out a lot and teaching with missionaries. the sisters in our branch are awesome. john and jonas are both security guards, so they are both very careful when it comes to being safe. they are worried for the sisters being out at night in certain areas. well, jonas had a dream the other day that was pretty cool. he said in the dream he was proselyting with the sisters. and as they were going from place to place, there were angels from heaven following them. and just moving with them. i thought it was really cool. maybe given to him to help ease his mind. or maybe it was just a dream. 

this week i was thinking about obedience. and realized that there are four things you can do when you receive a commandment. you can either disobey, obey out of fear, obey out of a desire for the reward, or obey out of love. this is one reason i want to come to know heavenly father more. so i can love him more. and obey because of that love. 

anyway. dad its not because of the added responsibilities that the area is harder. the area is just really hard. it has struggled for a long time. we are working hard though. so thats all for this week. love you all so much! talk to you next week.
elder madsen

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