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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Monkey Village February 1 2016

hey fam!

lets start with some pictures ;) today fam, one of my biggest dreams was fulfilled. i got to go to a place called monkey village. the senior couple here wanted to go so they took four of us along. here in monkey village, there are wild monkeys just running around! you can take food in with you and they will just hop right on your arm and you can feed them. i took more videos of me feeding them. so i actually dont have a pic of it. but you'll see when i get back. ill send more in a sec.

here are more! there are two types of monkeys here. one of the types is super shy. so they dont come down. they stay high in the trees. the other though...they'll come right up to you. it was so fun feeding them. they just climb up your body! there are elders and sisters in the zone that want to go. so we'll go again in a couple weeks. i cant wait. you all know monkeys are my favorite. this was HUGE for me.

this is how we rode there. my comp elder botha and i sat in the back. the sisters they took in front. #thethingswedoforsisters.

anyway. dad i am super happy your face to face events are going so well...however, i am INCREDIBLY JEALOUS that everyone is meeting all of these apostles and celebrities. so i am confident, that you will be able to arrange a huge lunch with all of these people so i cant meet them too! ;) right? haha just kidding. for reals though thats awesome. im glad you have had some stress taken off as well. 

so before i forget, there are a couple things i wanted to mention. first.  the guy who makes ties can do a pure white one for the temple. i have ordered two. if you would like me to get more i can. they cost about 2 dollars. i havnt seen them yet. but bro baah does a good job. ill get the ones i ordered next week from him in kumasi. and second. i have some really cool news about ema and afi. they are doing so well!! an elder leaving there said they are the most powerful members of vitin. he said that they said they were going to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. if they go i will be so happy. one of my allllll time dreams is to go with them when they go through the temple for their endowment and sealing. that is my dream. if/when i come back, that would be the time i would want to come. 

today we saw a really sad wreck. a guy on a motor cycle hit a dog. the bike flipped and he was thrown off. luckily it was right when we were passing to pick up the sisters so we were able to take him to the hospital. it was really sad. 

i wasnt too sick last week. kind of. but im better. dad i know what you mean with thinking about home. i have been a lot. but my comp and i are making it a goal to work even harder this transfer. we just got transfer news. we will be together for another 8 weeks (this next transfer is extended two weeks). so im pretty sure this is where ill finish my mission. i like the place so i wouldnt mind. anyway. not much happend this week. love you all so much! your week looked awesome. mo and tenny you guys looked like you had a lot of fun! keep it up ;)

-Elder Madsen

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