Ghana Kumasi Mission

"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lessons on Leading January 11, 2016

morning family! 

this week was good. i had a lot of fun in kumasi for
leadership council. i learned a lot and i am becoming better friends
with the other zone leaders in the mission. one thing i learned. its
something, once again, that i already knew. i just hadnt internalized
it. its that in order to be a good leader, you first need to learn how
to be a good follower. if you cant obey, you cant lead. i was just
looking around at all of the zone leaders in the council. they're all
awesome guys. super obedient and hard working. and i just realized
that in that moment. one cool scripture that adds more to our daily
walk, just living the gospel simply, is DnC 59:23. its so simple.

another thing i think about a lot. i want to become more like the
savior. but for some reason i feel like if i do then i will just have
to lose my sense of humor and other traits. and just be serious allll
the time. obviously thats not the case. but thats how i feel. i want
to try hard every day and become more like the savior. i know that
will be the best thing.   

Pounding fufu

so dad this week elder snow was talking about what it would be like if i came to weber state with him. i would probably move out into this condo of his dads. but i would still pay rent. at first i loved the idea. but it doesnt feel right. i want to stay home for the first little while and just do school from home. what do you think about it? i'd say uvu is still good. for a little.

and dad i love the scriptures you sent. i have been thinking about evidences of the restoration. and the one that came to mind a lot, which is obvious and i know you've probably already got it down. but its a living prophet, and modern scripture.
those two are huge for me. anway love you guys. i cant believe that
jess is going to be a mom. and i'll be an uncle.

-elder madsen

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