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1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Techiman Has Been the Hardest Area! January 18, 2016

hey family! 

thank you all for the encouraging words. i am doing better
this week. a lot has been on my mind. i wish i could see the pics you
sent. the computer wont let me. i had to use the basic HTML version of
the website. 

two things. one, i've realized as a zone leader, being a junior comp is not easy sometimes. you dont call the shots. so if you want something done you have to go about it in a different way. i love my comp though. he is
awesome. and two, this week is kinda scary for me too. im not doing something as big as you. but my comp and i will be giving a half an hour
instruction to two zones and the mission president. im super nervous.
sometimes i dont feel qualified to do these things. but i will do it
either way. The Lord qualifies who he calls! ha i really am trying to
trust in that promise. it will be good though. 

this week i am also going to cut all sugar out of my diet. it will be nice to try. my comp and i have been working out every night before we go to bed. i sleep SO much better. speaking of which, momo, i hope you're still
interested in the boxing thing. because when i get back im going to
need someone to do it with me! for reals though. 

today we went to kintampo falls. it was fun. didnt really do much. but we got to see the water! my area is doing alright. to be honest, techiman has been BY FAR the hardest area that i have had. i dont know why. its just
different here. the church was even here before tamale, and now tamale
is a district. its doing well. techiman has just been slow. but we
will keep working hard and we will do our best. 

Reading "Jesus The Christ" is awesome. its also helping me get my reading level back to normal ;) It has so many amazing insights. time is flying. sometimes it feels like it is going slow. but i look back and its going so fast. Anyway fam. sorry i dont have too much to say this week. i love you all! continue to keep me updated. talk to you next week!

elder madsen

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