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1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy New Year! January 4, 2016

hey fam! 

happy new year! my week was good! augustine was confirmed. we had a lot of fun. in the pic below. i had to light SOMETHING on fire. haha dont be mad.

so i have a couple things to tell you guys! a recent convert of elder snows and mine, his name is emmanuel. it was about a year ago that he was baptized. is now serving a mission in accra! i was so happy when i heard the news! he will do great. 

second. dad. i love the idea of the daily walk. i have actually been thinking about that this week. i love the primary song that is about if the savior stood beside me, would i do the things i do? i have been thinking about that a lot. in the scriptures you gave me you made a comment in the side next to matt 25:40. you wrote, "literally! think of the atonement." and that got me thinking. i know the atonement does more for us than we cant comprehend. but how does it do it to him literally? if the savior did feel everything that we feel, does that mean that when we offer help to someone else and it eases their burden it made it less of a burden to him in the garden? its kind of hard to explain what i am thinking. but its a question i have had for a while. if that is the case. that will change the way i see and treat everyone. if we are doing it to them, we are doing it to him. 

also. i was reading in 2 nephi 28:30. one part i liked, "for unto him that recieveth, i will give more". it got me thinking about the christlike attributes. they are gifts from God. so if we are praying for charity, and Heavenly Father helps us to feel that charity, if we are just content with that and dont act on it. it will be taken away from us. we will lose it. but if we act on it and do more with it. more will be given to us. and i think it applies with all of the attributes. anyway. tonight i will be going on exchange with elder snow. he was my comp in dichemso a year ago. itll be fun. 

anyway. i love you all! 
elder madsen

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