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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Hot Dry Season December 7 2015

Hey family!

to answer some questions, we have quite a few investigators. the main ones right now are augustine, kate, abigail, jennifer, lawrence, godfred, newton. they are awesome. i am picking up twi (the dialect) a little i guess, not a ton. i still can understand more than i can speak. its mainly the greetings that are useful and several gospel terms. we spend quite a bit of time contacting. some days we dont have time to contact because of the people we are currently teaching. we have a zone conference on the 15th. im not sure if i will speak. but they will typically have at least one zone leader speak so i dont know. i dont get nervous in front of members. missionaries i do get a little nervous, president cosgrave for sure. but once i start speaking it goes away.

mo i cant believe you are getting ready for college. haha and kennedy im glad your puppy and i will get along. i cant wait to meet her! mom kumasi was cool. i love that place. by the way the ties are awesome. i cant wait for you all to see them. i really hope i get to skype. we will go and try to make it work. so for now, just plan to skype. if it doesnt work, you'll get a call from me. which is cool too! i just want to see all of you. so i have a couple things to talk about.


1. the weather here is getting so sweet. its now the hot dry season. its not humid allllll the time. usually my back and face is pouring sweat by the time i walk out the front door, now its not like that until about an hour of walking. sometimes we'll go a whole day without getting too sweaty. its so nice. the bad part is the dust. i'll attach a picture of my scriptures. that amount of dust that came in our room was JUST OVER NIGHT. you can even look at the sun for a couple of seconds because of how much dust is in the air.


2. haha, this taxi driver told me he thinks the reason americans speak fast is because they dont want those who are learning the language to understand what we are saying. i was talking on the phone while we were driving home, and he asked my comp what language i was speaking. it was super funny.

3. one reason i love my mission. it has really given me the "opposition in all things" experience. i will appreciate so many things at home now. i have so many fhe activities that i want to do to help our fam see how much they really have. this mission has opened my eyes so much. i love it!

4. another pic ill send is of this horse we found named future. haha he is awesome. i wanted to sit on him, but thats against the rules so i just had to pet him. and it really got me excited for the trips we'll have, dad. i want to go on like a week long horseback trip. fishing and just camping. i want to SO BAD. i cant wait for that.

this week was really good though. we had some awesome lessons and the trip to kumasi was fun. this week was even faster than the last. my mission is flying. my sister mtc mates go home this week. i cant believe that. i have about 6 months left! i have some news though. with the way they are changing things in the mtc, my mission might be extended for 2 weeks. its not official yet, so ill let you know what happens. haha also, on the way home from leadership council. we were in a pretty crappy taxi. and we were trying to go up a hill. the car just kind of stopped and died. then we heard a huge BOOM! a really hot wave of air came through the car and the front started smoking. so we all jumped out. we ended up getting a different car. it was an experience though! sorry i dont have too much to write this week. it was fast. we did a lot of the same things.
love you all!!

elder madsen


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