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1 timothy 4:12

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Charity is a Gift from God December 14 2014

Hi family!
your week sounds amazing! i cant believe you got to go meet david archuleta and i can totally see momo flipping out over him haha. dad im sorry you're having stress at work. i cant even imagine all that you do. i can say this though, you're in the position you're in because you get stuff done. your work wouldnt know what to do without you. and sorry the dog tipped the tree over. thats s-no fun ;) hehe see what i did there. mom there is a guy i can get a nativity scene from. its not the africa animals though, but it is hand carved. its pretty sweet. i can look for the africa carved one though if you would prefer it.

so today i set up a skype account! so we should be able to skype on Christmas. this week for me was crazy. we are seeing more crocodiles. we saw a HUGE one. it was huge. it was in deep water. and as i pulled my camera out to take a pic he went under. he was directly under us on this little drop off. it was awesome. and i'll attach a pic of another little one, and of some little dogs.

we are working with a really cool brother and sister. the sister, named jennifer, cant read. she can speak english well but she cant read or write. so we teach english every saturday. she loves it. and her brother is awesome. we are hoping to have both of them baptized on the 27th of this month. this week is zone conference. haha planning for it is so stressful. that is one thing ive learned that i hope to keep with me, one day this will just be behind me. so there is no point in letting the stress get to me. just keep calm with the eternal perspective in mind. its super hard, but it has been helping.

This is our chapel, 8:35 Sunday morning

Ha ha, this dust was at the chapel, which is on the second story. The dust was blown up here, and we GET to clean it...every week...

while we were at church i realized something, its there at church that you will meet the humble seekers of truth. they are seeking and have faith enough to come and see for themselves if this is the truth. i love it. while we are teaching the classes, they just take what is taught as truth and they act on it. i also had a realization about charity. i sometimes thought that charity just gives you more tolerance so that annoying people didnt bug you so bad. haha but this week i was proven wrong. there is an elder that i am annoyed with quite a bit. he was a comp of mine. he is in my zone. lately i have been trying to pray for charity every day. and while he was speaking at a baptismal service, i just felt love for him. i didnt know why. but i just felt this sincere love for him. charity is a gift from God. its pretty hard just to get ourselves. it requires Gods help, and it requires that we seek and ask for it, and that we will act on impressions we receive. to do certain things and respond certain ways when put in difficult situations. this work is not easy! but its awesome.

tomorrow is zone conference. we are pretty excited. today has been hectic. love you all!!
elder madsen

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