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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm Thankful for the Atonement November 30 2015

hey family! 

so this week was good. it was probably the fastest week of my mission. so fast. i cant believe its monday again. this next week will go even faster. we are going to kumasi again for leadership council. also, i withdrew some money for ties. i ordered some from the member who makes them. ill get them this week and send some pics. i got ten. and still have money left over for some things maybe in kumasi. this week was awesome though. 

Thanksgiving Feast: fried rice, packaged tuna, mashed potatoes & treats!

Thanksgiving Dinner (I'm in front of the window, my comp to the left)

we got to teach a lot. we were able to meet with a lot of really cool people. some of which we really feel are prepared to receive the gospel. of course the gospel is for everyone, but some people just accept it and act on it so quickly. some of the lessons went relly well. especially with a lady named kate. and some didnt go so well. sometimes the people of ghana just want to talk about where you are from. what you're doing. if you're going to marry. if so, would you ever marry a ghanaian. haha stuff like that. i love it though. i thought about home a lot this week. not in a bad way. just that i would be coming home sometime kinda soon. i cant believe my mission will be over. mission sometimes feels like it will be forever. i am not done learning yet!

This is the coolest security guard in the world. He goes by stone boy.

one thing that was especially cool. i realized a lot about the atonement. about how Jesus Christ was the only one who could go through that experience. it was already something i knew. i just more internalized it. i was reading about how he inherited mortality from his mother and immortality from heavenly father. he had power to give up his life. no normal person could do this. just really cool. i also realized, i'll have no time for video games and things like that when i get back. there are so many things i want to do. ive really thought a lot this week about life. i love it. its so short. it feels so long sometimes though. i just want to be a better person. its seriously hard to change some habits though.

the pics you sent were awesome! kenna got married! crazy. haha its cool though. i am excited to get home and date. itll be so fun. i cant believe christmas is almost here! december starts tomorrow! we are hoping to skype. i really hope we can. we asked again if we could skype at this certain cafe and they said they have working cameras and mikes. so we hope itll work well. anyway. i dont really have a ton to say this week. it was good though! i hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. i love you all so much!
elder madsen

Real turkeys for the holiday

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