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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Friday, November 6, 2015

Work on Attributes July 27 2015

this week was good for us. dad i dont know if this was a wise thing to do, but i let president know that i would like to train. i told him i know that he calls people as he feels inspired too. but just that i am willing if i cross his mind. so this week i also got a little sick. it wasnt fun. but im better now. 

The Amoa Family from last weeks post

well you all sound like you had a good week. mom, when i get home, you cannot make food for me unless it is the usual dinner things you do. if i ask you to make me a pb and j sandwich...DONT DO IT. i was so unbelievably lazy back home. so sorry for that. maybe you can teach me how to make the foods that you do so that i can do them all on my own. thanks momma. and mom our family wouldnt have been able to function without you. you work hard. you know what is cool? now that i am away from home, i see all the things we did and i just love the little moments when we were just laughing together. its weird. when you are in the moment, you dont realize you're creating a memory. but now even just sunday afternoons back home are cherished memories to me. making cookies. stealing the cookie dough. going to grandma and grandpas. right now for the kids at home, its just something they're doing. but one day itll be a memory. thats one reason i am really trying to make my mission happy. ill be home and itll just all be in my mind. everything i did. the good moments and the bad. i think about what itll be like in heaven. looking back at our life. it was something we learned about and prepared for for a long time. i dont want to be disappointing with myself if i wasted this precious time. 

John-missing his front teeth!

one cool thing my mission president is having us do. he wants us to be constantly working on an attribute. trying to improve ourselves. so i'd like to extend that invitation to my family. each of you pick one attribute tonight for fhe. have everyone come over that can. and work on that attribute for the next two weeks. ill be expecting an attribute and the progress of it from EVERYONE. k? the pmg ones are great. just read how to develop them. and then please, actively work on improving. itll be awesome. next week i want to hear even just a little from brian, jess quel, josh, bridger, momo, tenny, momma and dad on the one you have picked and how it is going k? keep smiling! love you all. 
elder madsen

(These are personal little messages he added to family members:
dad. first of all i loved the talk. it was really cool. i feel it does apply to me...a lot. i just need to apply what it teaches. just to trust in the Lord. and know that everything will work out. especially with marriage and a job. haha kennedy. the aquarium sounds way cool. you'll need to take me when i get back. and it sounds like you need a shock collar ;)  momo your week sounds amazing as well. you guys really had fun! what kind of drama and sadness? and mo! try 11 months sista. im past that one year left stuff. movin on to smaller and better numbers ;) mom im super proud of you! facing sharks like that would be pretty scary. seriously scary. bridger went skydiving?! that is so cool. im glad he survived! summer is almost up! sorry girls. back to school.)

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