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Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Few Small Difficulties July 21 2015

 ok fam. sorry for the delay. yesterday was a Muslim holiday. internet cafes...and pretty much every shop was closed. we got a new policy today about teaching muslims. our teaching pool is about to go down a little. we are not allowed to teach them unless they are interviewed by our zl's. and we cannot even approach a female muslim unless we are given permission from her husband if she is married, and her father if she is not. we can't proselyte around the mosques. there is kind of a lot but it was from the first presidency. 

first off i wanted to apologize for not wishing everyone a happy birthday last week. i feel bad. so much was on my mind that i just forgot. so i hope everyones birthday was amazing! including coco's. also it sounded like i was bragging or something when i asked if you all were doing hard things. i didnt mean it like that. i just wanted to know if all of you were still at my side in this lil adventure. i had a dream about bridger this week. we were just talking. and we were sad about something. we just hugged each other while we were crying together. it felt incredibly real. i woke up just missing him like crazy. i love you so much bridger!

dad about what you said with the apostasy. i read a scripture this morning, 2nd nephi 28:20. it is simply put. but it just reminded me about what is going on back home. i truly do believe that these prophets of old saw our time. this world is changing. i dont know what its gong to be like when i get back. i feel like im going to be entering a totally different place from when i left.

so this week was alright. haha sometimes contacting here is a little difficult. we had a little problem with our branch president. long story short. he kept afi and emmanuel too long in his office after church. two weeks in a row. and he just tries to answer allll questions. when we went to visit them after their talk with president we had a lot of concerns come up. how the pearl of great price came about. questions about doctrine and covenants. the use of oil and the priesthood. things with joseph smith. it was crazy. so we had to talk to our branch president. and this past sunday none of their family came to church. it was really sad. we are still working with them. but it will be a little more difficult now.

the happy news is that sis becky will be interviewed this week and also emanuella and steven. emanuella stays with the amoa family. and brother amoa will be baptizing his wife becky, his son steven, and emanualla. he is so excited. they have also started having family home evening which is so good. we are happy for them. 

Beetle at our church building

Roasting a pig at a ward activity

And eating the pig...

so that is pretty much all from this week. it was good! this week we will be having a fireside with the whole district. and president cosgrave is coming up. anyway. i love you all so much. im so happy you had good birthdays and i cant wait to be there for the next ;) 
elder madsen

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