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1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Gospel Changes Lives July 13 2015

so first off it sounds like you all had an amazing week. sorry i cant respond to everything this week. The computer im at is super old and the keyboard can hardly type. I wanted to write so much. a couple things from this week. i really wish i could type the whole story but this keyboard...basically emmanuel's wife, Afi, traveled to accra for about two weeks. in that time we taught ema a ton and he came to church both sundays. when sis. afi got back, she told us something had changed in ema. he was different and she was wanting to know what all we had been talking about. so we caught her up to her husband and now the whole family is coming to church. its amazing to see how the gospel blesses families. and amoa and becky have been coming. this month we could very well have 7 baptisms. it would be an amazing month. i was thinking about the gospel. and its so simple. if we want to live in the celestial kingdom with our Heavenly Father, all we need to do is live a righteous, kind, and loving life. i guess it sounds easy when you put it like that. but its possible.

the rain here in tamale is getting crazy. it comes like a wall. literally one second it wont be raining where you are and then the next it is just pouring. tamale is my favorite area for sure. i love it here. its hot and its hard but its so worth it. my comp and i are just dead tired all the time. but it feels good. Heavenly Father is helping us. we couldnt do it without him. one thing that i love about my mission too. it is making my life completely centered on the gospel. pretty much all i think about is the gospel. its so sweet. its going to be sad going back into the world.

sorry i couldnt write more this week. honestly this computer...anway, i love you so much family! Keep writing me all of your fun adventures. how is everyones scripture study? are you all still doing hard things?! :)

-elder madsen

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