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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, October 12, 2015

New President! July 6 2015

Hey Fam!

So this week was good, ive been trying something. with the talk on pride it helps you realize when the pride in yourself is showing. so i have been trying to look out for those things and just counter them. one of my biggest weaknesses is admiting when i am wrong. its so hard for me. but ive been trying and its nice. i need help though. so prayers for that would be awesome!! this week we got to meet the new pres and his wife. they are awesome! president Cosgrave is super funny and his wife is kind. they will be good in this mission. when he was going around shaking everyones hand he would ask where they were from. when he got to me he just said, "oh! i already know where you're from. its good to officially meet you." cool guy. the place we went to meet him was techiman, it was so cold in the mornings. im going to die in utah.

so sunday was amazing. all of amoas family came. and the footballer came with his family. when we watched them walk in i just felt so happy inside. it was amazing. we have been working with becky amoa ever since i came to tamale. and now she is coming. she just seems happier. its incredible. its times like those that i just love being a part of this work. so right now i am in kumasi. my comp was called to be a dl so we are here for the training. thats pretty much two weeks of not going out. its bad for our investigators. but we will still do well with them. one of the greatest lessons i think i will learn on my mission is how to love. its not easy to love someone that isnt showing love. but thats why charity is the greatest of all the christ like attributes. it is one of my goals. to gain this attribute. i feel if i can do that, it will change every aspect of my life. even how you view things. 

anyway fam. i wish i could write more but i dont have a lot of time. i have pics but they will have to wait till next week. one more thing, i am loving this work more and more. and i am seeing that i am supposed to be here. i love the people and the place. they definitely test my patience at times, but i love them. love you all so much. talk to you next week!!

elder madsen

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