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Sunday, October 11, 2015

An Amazing Family June 29 2015

Hey Fam!

so first off this week was probably the best week of my mission. it was incredible. for a couple reasons. first. we met the COOLEST family in the world. when you think golden investigator...this family should come to mind. we contacted them in their house, which is huge and really nice. he is a former professional soccer player. he's played against chelsea and other teams and his wife is a medical doctor. the first lesson we had with them we taught the restoration and i have never felt the spirit so strongly in a lesson before. it was so so strong, and they understood the lesson better than anyone has before. especially with the apostasy and the loss of the priesthood keys, and then the restoration. at one point the husband asked if someone has been baptized in another church, and they come to this one, do they have to be baptized again? and then the wife answered him! and said yes because this is where the keys are. the men in the church are ordained to baptize and confirm. she then continued to say that she herself had a need to be baptized and confirmed because she was baptized into another church and wasnt confirmed either. this is why i love the scriptures. she really realized that after we shared the experience of paul in acts where he baptizes disciples who didnt have their baptism preformed correctly. they love the gospel so much. and they start asking so many questions that i just want to teach them everything so so fast.

the husband came to church Sunday, and after he got home he was telling his wife all about it. and when we followed up that night she told us she would be definitely coming next week because the husband said that "she cant know how he feels right now, because she didnt go!" haha it was so sweet. even after church members of their old church came over and started telling them a bunch of untruths about the church. so when we came over, she told us that the best people to ask about these sort of things are the members. so we cleared things up and they are all good. the family mainly speaks french so we got a french book of mormon for them. and during the lesson of the plan of salvation we read so much from it, and their understanding of the plan of salvation was incredible. they are accepting everything we read and talk about as truth. they have four kids. three of which qualify for baptism. one is 5. tomorrow they are having us over for fufu. when we teach people like this, i get really nervous. EVERYTHING needs to be perfect. i just cant even explain the spirit that was there during the restoration. it was amazing. we just walked away smiling. this email is super long. so more is coming.  

the second reason this week was amazing, we went on exchange and i got to go out with elder lokofo. we came out at the same time. its rare that you get to go out with an mtc mate. in one of the lessons we had there were 15 people in it....haha i honestly can say it was one of the sweetest lessons ive ever been in. i feel like that must have been what the savior felt like when he had people just sitting around him. it was so so cool. ill send a pic sometime. it was in the other elders area. and three of the guys came to church sunday. some were muslims. it was so cool.

and the last reason was the baptism. our water at the chapel was out. so we had to go to another chapel. they were also having a baptism. total there were 5 baptized. and i had the amazing opportunity to baptize 3 of them. including akwasi, our investigator. it was so cool. so the pics. the amoa family, they are so amazing. the baptism, and a tradition here, some people will grow out either a thumb or a pinky finger nail. haha so my thumb has been growing for some time. 

this week we are going to techiman to meet the new president. so that will be fun. we will travel for 3 days so it will take a lot of time out of proselyting. anyway. i love you all so much. i love my mission like crazy. talk to you next week! 

Elder Madsen

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