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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy Father's Day June 22 2015

 So first off, dad i have the doctrine and covenants manual. its really good so you dont need to worry about that one. but im super super excited for the pearl of great price. and you changed the picture on the family room wall!! i love it.

this week was good. we were teaching brother amoa. he was baptized over 20 years ago but hasnt been to church for a long time. bro amoa knew patriarch johnson, the one who really helped bring the church to ghana. so we watched a movie with bro amoa about him and the church coming here. it was really cool. and herita was with us in the lesson. we got onto the topic of the book of mormon and she just bore her testimony of it. she said she is far into second nephi and she reads it almost every night. she said that when she wakes up in the morning she just feels happy and ready to go. it was awesome. and that week amoa came to church with his family, we were so so happy to see him. we are also teaching a boy named akwasi. he is felicia's son. he is eight and has the most amazing memory. when we follow up on the things we learned the time before, he can tell us almost everything. he understands the gospel really well and will hopefully be baptized the next sunday.

this past sunday i gave a talk in sacrament. of course i waited till saturday to prepare. i was so tired and wanted to just eat and sleep. so i thought, "i can just use a few minutes to prepare it." i was able to pick my topic, and i chose faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. anyway, it was prepared and we went to church. i was the second speaker. so the first speaker gets up and says, "so today i have decided to speak on faith in the Lord Jesus Christ." haha when i heard that...i knew i couldnt speak on the exact same thing. so i had to use just a few minutes to prepare another talk. i chose to talk on the atonement and i just put together all the scriptures i knew of with the atonement...haha and for sure Heavenly Father helped me. i got up next and gave my talk. it went well. i love the topic of the atonement. it was pretty funny. i feel like that is heavenly fathers sense of humor. i wanted to use just a few minutes to prepare a talk, so he gave me just a few minutes ;)

dad i hope you had a good fathers day! i wish we could call on fathers day as well. but dont worry, christmas is just around the corner. ill print this talk you sent and read it. well family, i love you tons. i cant wait to hear from you next week. one other thing, mom and dad i see the way you live. you keep satans ways completely out with music, movies, everything. i want to be like that. you see youth and adults making exceptions to these things. but you two have been an amazing example. when i get home. i need to live like you. no music that is even a little bit bad. no movies that are bad. all of it. i just think about what it means to be a "true follower of Jesus Christ." i know nobody is perfect. but you two really set an amazing example of what that means. i love you all tons. talk to you next week!

Ps i wanted to print the talk but the guy here said that the machine here has been jammed and wont work. so i was just saying a little prayer and asked if we could try. so he tried and it worked just fine! heavenly father is lookin out for me! ;) and im sure the new mission president will be great. i get to meet him in the beginning of next month. ill send a pic!

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