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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, October 11, 2015

One Year Down! June 15, 2015

hey fam!
so this week was good. first of all because i hit my year!!!! and we had two baptisms, Felicia and Dorin. they are the sweetest. one thing i have been thinking about a lot is the temple. i cant wait to be able to go through again. it teaches so much and the more i learn out here, the more i just want to go back through. i have to wait 1 more year though :/

dad i love the topic of light. this has also become one of my favorite subjects. so im in the old testament right now...its kinda weird. haha im not really sure what to think of it. its really cool to see how much The Lord works with the prophets. its just interesting though.

 Traditional Burning of A Shirt At The Year Mark!

the pic here is with me and elder lokofo. we came at the same time. and he is the only other elder up here that came at the same time. so we went to a restaurant and ate some good rice and chicken. the thing i love about ghana is how DIVERSE the food is...ha. that was sarcastic. 

so to be honest i dont have a ton to write this week. it has been a good week. dad what you said about swallowing some pride is definitely true. that is one of the main things i am just praying like crazy for. ive realized and keep re-realizing how prideful i am. its a weakness of mine. and im hoping, and praying, that Heavenly Father will help me make it a strength. just to not be so prideful. mom we really are blessed with the family that we have. i love how close we are. we are SO BLESSED to live where we live, have what we have, and have WHO we have. anyway family. i love you all tons. cant wait for next week. have fun and be safe!
elder madsen

i am walking with three of the coolest kids in vitin. they help every saturday to clean the chapel and they are building strong testimonies. i seriously love these kids. the youngest boy always wants to carry my scriptures, and they didnt have ties so i just helped em out a lil. haha they are so cute.

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