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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy One Year In Ghana!

Hey fam!

so first off, i cant believe i hit my year mark this week. its going by fast. and ill be sad when the end comes. but i know....for a fact, that ill be ready for home ;). Also, i watched meet the mormons and i decided i need to move to wherever the fighter was from. ;)

so emmanuela is doing well. we have visited her and she has recovered. i just hope her and her dad are getting along. we got more sad news yesterday. a recent convert of elder snows and mine, Rebecca, passed away last week. she had a stroke a while back and wasnt doing too well. she was so amazing though. we are just happy she was able to be baptized before she passed. we know she is resting now.

                                                         my companion
this week was good. my comp and i are still learning how to work together. we were just raised differently. i think this is why im with him. to learn how to talk things out. its funny, my companions ive been with, i dont feel that ive been with them because we would work well together, but that ive been given them to learn more about myself. i really hope thats it at least haha. i love him though. anyway fam. this week was good. 1 year is coming up! one down, one to go. love you all!
elder madsen

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