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Monday, June 1, 2015

Tamale is a District! June 1 2015

hey fam! 

so me and my comp are doing well. a lot better for sure. i cant believe summer is here! wow. haha its crazy. so the computer im at isnt too fast. so ill try to send a couple pics.  the pics you sent of the fish look so good, i miss that so much. when i get home ill show you how they eat them here. 

                                              The Three Wise Monkeys

so this week was good. super good. we killed it. we had a district conference. in just two years tamale has gone from having 3 members to having 4 branches and now it is officially a district. its so amazing. and the members are awesome. our branch just got to go to the temple and the members loved it. the investigators i told you about last week are still progressing really well. seth and dorin, his daughter, will for sure be baptized on the 14. they are so amazing. 

Pres & Sister Holmes, last time I'll see them!

and while the week was really good, we kinda ended on a bad note. we got back from the conference with harita, the 15 year old. she went straight to her friends house, who is also our investigator. her name is emmanuela. when harita got to her house she found her on the ground passed out. harita, by herself, got emmanuela to the hospital. she called us and said she didnt know what to do. so we went to the hospital to visit her. we talked with her for a while and tried to make her happy. today we will follow up. emmanuela is 15 also and doesn't live with her own family. its just different for a lot of the kids here.

dad, i love the doctrine and covenants so much. and the pearl of great price. well all of them really. but you know me, i love to know the things to come. and they really help. ive been learning so much. i NEED to endure. i want to enter exaltation so badly.
i love you family, have a good week!
elder madsen

a couple more pics.this was a monkey that was on the back of a bus that we were driving behind. he was tied up so he couldnt go anywhere. but he was cute.

mom the calendar is for grandmaree to see that im using it. tell her i love it! 

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