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Monday, June 1, 2015

Amazing People May 25 2015

hey fam!

so first of all i am super super jealous of quel going to Hawaii for her honeymoon. that looks so fun im glad she had fun and im glad she is safe. here is a pic for you from our mission tour

so for teaching muslims we do have to use a different approach. its hard. and ya mom i am happy and well. i keep getting comps that are kinda hard. my first impression of my comp was kinda wrong. its really cool though because i am learning a ton from it. i honestly think i keep getting comps like this so that i can learn how to work with people. how to be patient. how to not get so upset at things. how to just forgive and forget. me and my comp were really struggling. and honestly the spirit is just gone when you are upset at each other. so we have to make up. otherwise we wouldnt be able to teach by the spirit. and walking with a comp when you are mad at them is no fun. this work is bigger than these little problems we have, so we just have to get through them. but i am still loving it.

my year mark is almost here! this sunday was really cool. we had seven at church. and in the investigators class we had an investigator named seth give an amazing answer to a question. we had given him the book of mormon in our most previous lesson. and during the lesson the teacher asked a question. and he raised his hand and answered it using a scripture from first nephi. he is reading and loving it. we are sure that him and his daughter will be baptized. and then later that day we were visiting an investigator who also came to church. she is fifteen. it was her first time coming. she is struggling with her belief in god. she knows he exists but her testimony is just a little weak. when we first met her she said that she felt like we were angels that god sent so that she could know the truth. when we met with her we were going to teach the restoration. and we had given her the pamphlet a couple days prior. as we started the lesson, she basically told us the whole restoration and understood the apostasy and priesthood. everything. she was so happy that there was a prophet called after the death of the apostles and the savior. she is so smart. she doesnt stay with her real parents. we didnt know this either, but the lady she stays with, is the mother in law to our recent convert Mohammed. it was crazy how we met her. we also taught her how to pray. and she said ever since she started praying she feels so happy. anyway. these people are amazing. this is definitely my favorite part of missionary work, hearing them say things like that. and seth is just awesome.

the other day i was just thinking, and i compare myself to other people a lot. and on missions its mainly spiritually. but i hate it. i realized that i just need to compare myself to myself and that i need to focus on building myself. it reminded me of a scripture in abraham 3;19. there will always be someone above you. so just work on yourself. measure your growth. i know this is a lesson that is said all the time. but just realizing it for myself was cool. i love you tons family. thanks for being here for me. ill talk to you all next week

-elder madsen

oh and dad the new language is hard. i dont know if i want to learn it. ill be speaking twi again soon enough anyway. love you

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