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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, November 6, 2015

Put the Things of God First August 3 2015

hey family!
so unlike last week, this week i have little time. sorry. but i have taken down all of your attributes and ill follow up. so make sure you're working on them. mom dont worry the sickness wasnt too bad. im good now! dad i think that would be really cool to teach the main stories to the fam. im actually really excited for fhe when i get back so we can all learn together.

the recent converts are doing well. they were all confirmed this sunday by bro. amoa. it was really cool. we are pretty sure becky amoa will be called as the relief society pres. dad thank you for the words. this week we actually had a devotional from the ap’s. they came and spoke about leaving EVERYTHING behind. my whole mission i have felt that something has been missing. and i realized that that is what was missing. i have been obedient. worked hard. but still. my thoughts go home a lot. so i really am trying to focus.

dad, one of my favorite sections in doctrine and covenants is 138. it is so cool. i love it, knowing what happened to the savior and knowing what will happen to me. its really cool. i wish i could just have a vision like that. so badly. one thing i want to do a lot of when i get back is temple work. i realized that i also need to put the things of God first and help build his kingdom as much as possible. the attitude that joseph smith had, when the lord commands it, i do it. i want to become like that. anyway. sorry, not time. i love you all so much have a good week! i enjoyed the pics. next week!

elder madsen

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