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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, November 9, 2015

Transfer to Techiman November 2 2015

good morning fam! 

so dad they do not celebrate halloween here. sadly. but we still dressed up. ill try to send pics next week. i loved all of the pictures and i loved hearing how the week was. momo i think it would be awesome for you to get into boxing and i am super excited about your job. tenny keep up the good work with school and i love the costume! everyone looked so good. 

i have some news too. president called me on friday. it was at about 10 pm so i was kinda nervous as to why he was calling. one of our ap's is going home a little early for school so they needed to call one of the zone leaders to replace him. and then they needed to call someone to replace that zone leader. so i was called to go on early transfer to techiman and be a zone leader! im actually here now. it was so fast. transfers arent even for another week and a half. so today i woke up at 4 and rode by myself to techiman. its about four hours away. im super excited to serve here and i feel i am ready for the leadership position. i know heavenly father will help me to magnify it and i am just really excited. my zone is awesome. the two district leaders are both past companions of mine. i am pretty sure i'll finish my mission here. telling all of the families in tamale goodbye was so hard. i love them so much and i'll miss them like crazy. its a ton cooler here. ive been to this apt before when we came down for mission tour and things. its so crazy. it doesnt even feel real because of how fast it happened. elder hepworth is kinda scared to get a new comp. but he'll be fine. 

Here are some pics from a group activity with the senior missionary couple, the Brinks. 

Elder Morford & Elder Madsen

im not really sure what i'll do for my bday. ill let you know what happens. dad i do feel old. old in age. but not really in body and mind. its weird to think that i spent my whole 21st year on my mission. its awesome. i'll get some new shirts this week! they are cheap here. i also really dont want you spending more money on me. i'll miss tamale. it feels right to be going now though. ive spent about 7 and a half months there. and only five transfers left. thats insane. it'll fly bye. love you!

elder madsen

and family thanks for the kind words. i love you all so much! miss you like crazy. christmas will be here before we know it.

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