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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, November 9, 2015

My Birthday in My New Area November 9 2015

hey family! 

so dad. i actually heard about that this past week (the controversy around the church policy for same gender families & their children). kinda crazy news. to be honest, i feel like there is just more and more darkness entering the world even among members. its scary. meeting with an investigator here, he made it seem like faith was foolishness, that we need facts to believe something. i was thinking, if this man in ghana believes this way, imagine what its like back home. i'm scared for members of the church. mainly my fam. but because we have you as the leader of our family im not as worried. the world is just getting sad.

this week looked fun though! ha i miss hunting. momo good job with the scholarships and the driving. thats awesome. tenny im glad you had a good week and i love your news article in my package! and ya momma i got the package and love it. i especially loved how you drew little faces on the treats. ha thats my momma! love you! and dad congrats with the article, i read it and i think its awesome. just so you know i withdrew money today. my shoes that i "fixed" arent doing too well. so i just bought some. and i have seen some white shirts so ill be able to get some. just let me know how much i have in there because its kinda hard for me to tell. 

so this week was good! we went to leadership council over my birthday. for some reason though i got incredibly sick the day we went to kumasi. i had runny tummy like crazy, i threw up a lil and i was shivering more than i ever have in ghana. it wasnt fun. the day of leadership council was good though. i received and opened my package the day of my birthday. we are going back to kumasi this wednesday for zone leader training. itll be fun! my new area is awesome. the branch is kinda small but thats why we are here! we'll work hard. my comp is named elder Botha. he is from south africa. he's a really cool guy. he works hard and is an awesome teacher, i'll learn a lot from him. one thing im kinda stressing about, i dont know what to get all of you as gifts from africa. there isnt really a place in techiman that sells cool things. ill be sad if i cant get all of you something. two things ive noticed about being a zl that i actually really like. we are busy allll the time. this past week has been so tiring, and awesome. being able to help serve the members of the zone is nice. kinda stressful. but its cool because nothing is about you, its all about them. its really cold here. no more heated shower :( thats the only sad part. but the night time is cold, so thats nice. i have to wear the sheet over my whole body. i love not sweating at night. i feel like its preparing me for home ;). so that was my week! i love you all so much!

elder madsen

*this is a ps from elder madsen's mom: it's awesome the weather is cooler for him, the highs are almost 90, lows are right around 70, but the humidity is 90%. And that's cold to him ;)

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