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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Work First, Me Second November 16 2015

hey family! 

wow your week sounded awesome. i love hearing about everything you do. sunday dinners...cant wait. dad ill make sure to study that scripture well. and mom elder botha and i get along great. he is super funny and WORKS HARD. i love it. i feel that being here right now is exactly what i need. i have not been this tired my whole mission. sometimes we get home and i barely have time to eat and shower before i go to bed. we are just doing stuff all the time. i want to develop this attribute of working hard. no matter what, just getting the task at hand done. 

and there was another thought that came to mind. one of the nights i was wanting to get home faster and just have some personal time, and it seemed like time was just going so slow. but the thought that came to mind was that if i make teaching my priority (which, obviously it should be) that the little things i want to do wont seem as important. i came out here for a specific reason. and now i just try to have the work first, and me second. its something i hope i can keep my whole life. and of course having time to yourself is incredibly important. but at the right times. i think my mind is just fighting a huge battle of laziness. trying to get over habits ive developed. 

also! i was thinking about a lesson i want to have with the family when i get home. i was thinking about how satan works. i want to be able to discuss how satan makes good seem evil and evil seem good. look at "what does it really teach?" analyze movies and media. see what the message is. i think about what the savior would watch and listen to. its just a thought i had. well this cafe doesnt have working usb ports so no pics. sorry sorry sorry. this past week was so good though and this next week will be just as good. time is starting to fly. i cant believe we are already halfway through november. anyway. i love you all so much. have an amazing week! 
elder madsen

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