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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, November 9, 2015

I Love Prayer October 26 2015

hey family! 

this email was awesome. i love the pics of the face to face event! thats so cool. haha heavenly father definitely helped out with that sunset. by the way, i listened to the talk about our mothers in conference. i just wanted to say thanks mom. you honestly are the best mom i could ever ask for. i just thought about all of the times i was sick, sad, or just lazy. and you are always there to help me through these times. love you so much!! 

so this week was cool. this past sunday was our branch conference. during the conference they had sis afi and sis becky bare their testimony. one thing that was cool that sis afi said, she said she now has a sense of fulfillment. something inside was missing. and now it feels like it has been found. i love that. one thing that i love, is prayer. my testimony on prayer has grown so much on mission. sis afi and becky both bore testimony on prayer. haha they both said that every time the elders would come, elder madsen would ask if they had prayed. and they hadn't. we almost gave up on sister becky. there comes a point where you have done almost everything you can do. the rest is left up to them. they both prayed about the message we had been sharing. and now they are both awesome members. prayers are answered. its funny how our prayers are answered, when they pray and receive an answer. 

also, this week was kinda weird. we went out friday morning for some early appointments. and while we were walking to our area one of the senior couple missionaries calls us and tells us that none of the missionaries should leave the apartment for the whole day. so we went back. apparently that day was called the "fire festival." a day where tons of fireworks are lit off. and people just party. every year they have violence. so all day friday we didnt go out. it reminded me of the movie i am legend. or that one movie quell wanted to see, the purge. nothing happened and all is well. this sunday was also juniors birthday. ema's son. haha so they invited us over to eat. they said that for my birthday we are going to eat a ton. im pretty excited. i gave junior a little light saber thing chlesea sent. it had bubbles in it and lit up. he loved it. here are some pics! 

Birthday dinner for Junior at Ema & Afi's

Junior with a little light saber

i love you family, have a great week! love elder madsen

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