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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fishers of Men...and Fish October 19 2015


so first off. i fixed my shoes. ill pick them up today. it wasnt that much. im really excited to not have to proselyte in my crocs anymore! and for my birthday, money in the account is fine. ill get some things with it if i need it. haha michael...that guy. haha i just told my comp what you told me about him going to japan for six months. elder hepworth wants to go to japan really badly. he was pretty jealous. 

so dad i didnt get to watch conference. but i am downloading the talks today. so this week we were able to have daniel and godbless baptized. they are two of ema's players that live with them. they are awesome guys. now the whole house is baptized. the only problem is afi's former church is doing a lot to get her back, we learned that apparently she paid A LOT of tithes. so i think that could be why. really though it is scary. they are saying a lot to afi about the church to get her to leave. but she is a pretty stubborn lady. and she knows the church is true. she tells us all the time that the most important thing to her is her soul. she doesnt want to lose it. 

Baptism of Daniel and Godbless

so i found a scripture that is awesome for myself. its something i need to live by. its prov. 15:1 (a soft answer turneth away wrath). another reason this week was awesome...i went fishing! and ya i caught a fish! ill send some pics. 

Fishing with a stick, string & bottle cap. 

mo tenny and bridger. i had a dream that all of you sang happy birthday to me in the way that pentatonix sings. kennedy could beat box like non other. it was so sweet! and i realized something really cool this week. about all of the gospel. the reason the gospel is taught. the reason we have commandments. we wanted to become like our heavenly father. he wanted us to become like him. we needed a body. so we were put here on the earth. we are given the commandments and the gospel so that our life here on earth will be happy, healthy, and just full of love. if you think about what the gospel teaches, its all for our benefit. it keeps us safe. it teaches us to love and serve one another. thats why we have it. and then if we can do these few things, we will live in eternal joy and happiness. it sounds like a win win. the gospel is sweet. we need to stay strong! i see the world, especially america, influencing the world in so many negative ways. its sad. even here in ghana. a lot of the time we will hear or see music or music videos. and its sad what the world teaches. its honestly so corrupt. i see more and more how alma 41:10 applies. wickedness never was happiness. the things of the world DO NOT bring happiness. the thing that makes people happy is the gospel. being out here you can see the gospel change peoples lives. physically, mentally. in every way. i love it. i NEED to stay strong in the gospel when i get home. fam you need to help me! we can all help each other. i hope you all have an amazing week! but anyway. love you all!

elder madsen

teach a man to fish...

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