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"Be thou an example of the Believers..."
1 timothy 4:12

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Little Life Lessons October 12 2015

hey fam,

what?! elder twede is coming over?! he is a sweet guy. really smart. such a small world. (*Elder Twede is a former missionary in Ghana who is currently at BYU). ya i get to see my trainer a lot. he is my zl here in tamale. but i think ill be leaving soon. maybe this next transfer. if not then for sure the one after. this week was good. we were able to baptize divine and chimi, sis. afi's son and daughter. we've got almost all the fam now! woo! its just remaining one daughter. she wanted us to baptize her but she doesnt have enough time. she leaves for kumasi this week and we will just give her number to the elders there. i love this family so much. sister afi defends the faith like none other. 

Stirring Bonku

there is a little passage in the book of mosiah 17: 11, 12.  the reason i like it is because it shows what the emotion of anger does. it blinds us. we act in a different way than we normally would. i just think its so cool that the book of mormon and other scripture teach little life lessons like this in these simple ways. i love it. i wish i could dissect the scriptures even more and just understand them better. one day one day. i love you so much family. i hope you have an amazing week. keep emailing me a lot! if i cant respond to everything im sorry. but i love you all. till next week!
elder madsen  

The rain comes down in sheets

PS mom sorry about your back. thats no fun at all. hope you get better soon. and thanks so much for the package. even if it just a letter i'll love it. momo sorry you cant get better. and its good you didnt throw up on your date! and tenny i cant wait to see your dog. speaking of im going on a bike ride with dad when i get home, so i'll be getting a new puppy too! thats ok right? ;) mom i cant tell you how badly i want to go hunting. and i NEED a good hunting dog. we'll just talk when i get home. :) dad you sound super busy. i love how hard you can work though. you do so much good for so many people. i cant believe easton is almost finished with his mission. they day he leaves will be a sad day for me. but its cool.  things back home sound crazy. most of my friends will be married by the time i get home. insane! itll be a different world when i get back.

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