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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, November 6, 2015

Missing Conference Weekends October 5 2015

hey fam!

so first off. i miss conference mornings like crazy. i wish i could be there. i will be able to listen to them. the computer i am at has two usb ports but neither of them work so i dont know that i can send pics of the baptism this week. i love their family so much though. we will be having two more baptisms this week, ema and afi's son and daughter. they want us to come stay at their house when we come back to ghana...they have a nice house. they would feed us well too. i seriously love them. 

Ema & Afi's family

so as far as work with my comp. we had a little talk. and now we are doing a lot better with the work. i know i havent been perfect my whole mission. but i just told him that out on a mission the work takes first priority. we still have tons of fun. but its really cool. once you see what the gospel does, and you know what it will do, it makes the work so much more serious. 

Elder Hepworth & Elder Madsen & photobombing goat

so more on sister afi. she is doing so well right now. she has read the book of abraham. and is about 
to start moses. she used to get offended that we had another book besides the bible. and then this last week she told us she is so grateful for the pearl of great price because it gives way more detail than the bible. she is even sharing it with her friends. they are a very influential and wealthy family. i feel they will do great missionary work. i definitely love tamale more than any other area on my mission. i dont know if that will change when i leave but i doubt it. 

mom i still miss your cooking like crazy. its funny. when i eat even just a little candy i start getting sick. im going to die when i get home. the only sugar i eat is the little i put on my oats in the morning. family, we are so privileged to live where we do. NEVER take it for granted. i love you all so much. have an amazing week! anything you put in the package i will love i still have the happy birthday banner you sent from last time so thats ok! just dont spend too much. love you!

elder madsen

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