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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, November 6, 2015

Ema & Afi Baptism September 28 2015

 hey family! 

well dad those pics of the deer look amazing. i cant wait to go again. i cant believe josh has a baby! that is insane. i cant believe we will be getting three new apostles. that is crazy. we dont really get to watch conference. they will try to select some talks and put them on dvds and send them to all apartments. but we can download the audio from the internet and then listen. ill probably do that. 

so this week was really good! first off. there was a muslim holiday. it is HUGE here, of course. this is the one west was talking about. where they will just all buy cows and goats and just kill them in the streets and share all of the meat out. it is a holiday to sacrifice animals to God. its kinda cool. it was really crazy though. so many shops were closed because everyone was celebrating. we were even invited to go eat at a couple homes. we didnt though. 

and another amazing thing this week. SISTER AFI AND EMA WERE BAPTIZED! it was awesome. i was able to baptize. ema doesnt look too big in the pic. but he is huge. it is sad though. he will be confirmed next week and then after that he will be traveling to france for a while. so i will get eastons contact info ;)  ;)....and ill give it to him so he can get a hold of easton when he gets there.

Elder Hepworth, Afi, Ema, Elder Madsen 

it looks like the power might go out again so i just wanted to get that to you. i hope you all   have an awesome week. also this week i was able to pet the cutest goat.

anyway. love you all so much. also mom, helena is doing well :)
looooovvveeee, elda madsen

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