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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, November 6, 2015

Time for New Shoes? September 21 2015

hey fam! 

so helena's baptism went on this past sunday! it was awesome. here is a pic. 

Elder Hepworth, Helena, Elder Madsen

and these are my shoes. this was a couple weeks ago. i thinks some sort of bacteria is eating away the bottoms. or just from walking, not sure. but i think ill need to replace them soon. 

its really funny being with someone who just came from the states. he tells me alllll about the things going on back home. its crazy. this week was really good! first of all, i got the dvd and watched it all the way through! it was so funny. so so funny. at the end i was laughting SO HARD. i miss seeing all of the those things that have happened. its crazy. i loved it so much though so thank you for going through all that trouble. one thing dad. my comp is cool  but he sometimes jokes about not going out and proselyting. but we still go out. we work. and training is kind of hard. and we had our first real anti mormon experience. it was interesting. this guy knew more about the church than most of the members here in tamale. it was crazy. he is a cool guy but he just is on the wrong path. 

so one thing that is really funny, when people ask if we can speak any language besides english we just speak pig latin. it was elder hepworths idea. its so funny. they freak out and cannot for the life of them understand what we are saying. sorry i have no time today. the power just went out and we were sitting here for about half an hour. anyway. family im glad to hear you're all doing well. pirate day sure looked awesome and i cant wait to be there for it next year! love you all! 

-elder madsen

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