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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, November 6, 2015

Amazing Sunday September 14 2015

hey fam! 

well dad your week looked incredible. just so you know i as of right now have the package! ill be taking it home in a little. im so excited! :) 

Shoe polished & not

this week was incredible. we have been contacting a lot and it has really paid off. we have found some amazing investigators. helena, which was contacted by my new comp and i, will be baptized this coming sunday. and sis. afi agreed to be baptized when ema gets back. we planned for the 18th of oct. but it could be sooner. this past sunday was one of the most amazing sundays ive had. there is nothing like the feeling you get when investigators walk in the door. and just as exciting is when a recent convert walks through the door. this area is now by far my favorite. the branch is staring to act more like its supposed to with the leaders working together and the members doing missionary work. the stories of how some investigators came in contact with the church are amazing. and now i get to work with them. this past sunday the second and third hours of church were combined. they dedicated it to learning all about temples. some investigators were asking questions to try and disprove the teachings. but then SISTER AFI defended the church like crazy. she could answer all of their questions about the restoration and the priesthood authority and joseph smith. all that. it was incredible. we are so proud of her. now all she needs to do is leave her charismatic church and come on over. she knows the church is true. she just has so many friends in her other church. 

so dad im sorry that you are feeling down. i wish there was something i could do to make you happier. im really excited for when i get back and we can just hang out and talk. also, for training, ive been using the other pmg you gave me with the inserts. we have been using them to study the lessons and they have helped a ton. i tell my comp all about you guys. haha he kinda wants to marry mo. tenny is too young. he thinks all my sisters are beautiful but mo is closest in age. haha. 

Yams and stew, high five Elder Madsen!

i dont have too much more to write this week. i just love the work out here. days like sunday make me love missionary work so much. and it just makes me want to continue when i get home. love you all so much!

elder madsen

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