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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, November 6, 2015

Book of Abraham September 7 2015

hey! now i know how it feels to get on and not see an email. :D. haha are you guys ok? 

one cool thing i found out this week, i have ring worm! its not too bad i guess. it just itches and looks super weird. it'll get better though. 

my comp this week had bonku for the first time. it was so funny. almost every elder that eats bonku or fufu for the first time will either just gag or throw up. so while we were eating he just started gaging. i was laughing so hard. ha not at him. but just because i did the EXACT same thing when i first came. 

Elder Madsen, Elder Hepworth & Elder ?

so this week was really cool. elder curtis came and spoke to us. it was really cool. 

Elder Hepworth, Elder Curtis, Elder Madsen

we are working with emmanuels family still. when he comes back he will be baptized. we talked to him and he should be back in about a week. and sister afi had a really cool dream. she has been reading the book of mormon lately. and in her dream she was sitting in a congregation and they were preaching using the book of mormon. after the service a man came up to her and told her to go read the book of abraham. when she woke up she asked her husband if there was a book of abraham in the book of mormon. he told her no. then she asked her kids the same thing. so when she told us that, we told her about it and she wants to read it super bad. it gave me the goosebumps. she has incredible dreams. and she has told us that since she has started reading the book of mormon she no longer needs her glasses to read. not sure if it is coincidence but its pretty sweet.

that's all for this week, love ya! elder madsen

Here is one other pic:

A turtle we caught

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