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1 timothy 4:12

Friday, November 6, 2015

New Comp August 31 2015

hey family! 

so i apologize for the email thing last week. we were in kumasi and the cafe we went to was way too expensive. this week was good though! my new comp is named elda hepworth. he's a cool guy. he's from rexburg idaho. he really likes to laugh and have fun. he learns quickly too. and he is a humble guy. i love serving with my country mates. training has been good. our apartment is really unified and we do all our meals together. pool all of our money and make a ton of food. the sun and the walking are a little difficult for him i think, but it is for everyone when they first come. including myself. i know he'll get used to it. 

the past two weeks for you guys sound insane. so much happened. i do miss home but being out here is so good. to be honest i think the place i miss most is wal-mart. and my bed of course but thats besides the point. i feel really healthy as of now. i am doing better. also this past week in kumasi we got to see and meet elder clayton and elder curtis. this week we will meet again with elder curtis, he will be coming up to tamale. they spoke to us and answered questions, it was really cool. 

we are working with some cool investigators. one has come to church the past two weeks. and we have taught her just a couple times. we really hope she continues to progress. one thing. africans will apologize to you if something happens like you trip or spill something, anything really. and the way they say it is as if it was there fault. i thought that was really weird when i first came. but ive fallen into that habit just because its the culture. so when my comp came he pointed that out to me that i do it a ton. i didnt even realize it. it was just super funny to see him seeing the same things i did. mission is sweet. 

my sisters are growing up! i almost have to hide the pic of my family because elders start asking if my sisters are married or dating! sorry no pics for the week...forgot my camera ;) seriously though, i apologize. next week fo sho. love you all so much. thank you for writing every week and for being here for me. 

love, elder madsen

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