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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, April 20, 2015

Story of Julias March 30 2015

hey family!! 

so first of all those pics just made me so happy. i was just smiling while looking at them. it looks like you guys had a really fun time! such a sweet family. 

so brights baptism will be in a couple weeks. he has traveled again to accra and right when he gets back we will have the interview and then his baptism, we hope. he still loves church and is always there early. we are so happy for him. 

not much happened this week. one amazing thing though, a good friend of ours who is a member (his name is julias) was walking home late one night with his two phones, money, a laptop which was his friends, and his book of mormon. and someone just came out of nowhere and robbed him. all of his stuff was gone. he was praying so so hard that the guy wouldnt sell his stuff and most of all that nothing would happen to his book of mormon. he told his dad (who is a cop) what had happened. and then after about a week they caught him. the guy had sold the phones and the money was gone. but his friends laptop and his book of mormon were just fine. this guy is the sweetest person alive. he is planning on serving a mission. he was so so happy when he had gotten those things back. we were so happy for him. 

anyway. besides that, not much besides teaching has gone on. love you all and i will talk to you next week!!
-elder madsen

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