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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, April 20, 2015

Kelvin the Defender April 6 2015

hey fam!!

so first off no we dont really get to watch conference. we have to wait for the liahona to come out and then we can read them. thats one reason im really excited for conference at home. im so happy you all enjoyed conference. i cant wait to read the talks. 

and mom i know i compare my mission to others a lot, but right now i really feel this is where i am supposed to be. so if i say anything contrary to that just know that i am lying. ;) although i do think that when i get home itll be super weird being around a ton of white people. and i dont know how that is going to be. im used to talking to ghanains. not white people. 

i hope you all have a fun spring break. hey and guess what mom! you'll be getting a call from me inabout a month!! woo! super excited about that. :) 

so one really cool thing that happened this week. we were reviewing lessons with kelvin. he's now 10. and he remembers EVERYTHING. its ridiculous. and so sweet. so while we were reviewing he just stopped us and said that some kids at school had said that the book of mormon isnt true. and he totally stood up for the church and just started teaching them. haha he said it was annoying because they wouldnt listen to them. but we just told him he did the right thing. he's such a sweet kid. 

so besides that i dont have a lot to write. im loving my mission and i am excited for transfer. elder snow is a sweet sweet guy but im ready for a change. love you all. cant wait for next week! also just curious, is the harmonica thing going to work out? if not its totally fine. i just had a dream about it the other day haha. so just curious. :) love you! thank you mom and dad for everything you do.
elda madsen

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