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1 timothy 4:12

Monday, April 20, 2015

Hot Tamale! And Pictures April 13 2015

hey family!

so first off dad thank you for the answers. and thank you so so much for the harmonica. so for sending packages people have hidden the actual thing on the inside of something of less value. and putting the picture of Mary is not a bad idea. just a small sort of package would be good. i am just scared it will get lost or taken. if it does i will pay you back when i get home. 

so these pics are of me and monic. the coolest member alive. my comps convert. she didnt want to take pictures because we are both leaving and she is mad at us.

and the other is brights baptism. he was so so happy and it was so great...and see. me in white. ;) 

so fam i got transfer news. haha on thursday ill be going to tamale. THE HOTTEST PART OF GHANA. dont worry im super excited. itll be an adventure for sure. we saw a couple weeks ago that tamale was at 110 degrees. so that will definitely be interesting. the schedule there is good though. they go out in the morning and then come back from 12-4. and then go back out till 8. so itll be nice to hide from the sun a little. but it was actually way cool how i found out. we were taking bright to have his interview with president. and on the way i just had this immediate feeling of "you're going to tamale." i wasnt even thinking about transfer at the time. and right after i had that thought. i had a strong confirming feeling. i just knew it then. i even just told my comp right after that, that i felt i was going to tamale. and i honestly think i felt that to prepare me for president telling us at the mission home. which he doesnt normally do. it was way cool. i forgot the name of the exact place and my new comp is a ghanain. so it will be cool. tamale is full of Muslims though so teaching and baptizing doesnt happen as much. but the work is still growing up there. ive also heard that if you go to tamale you lose weight like crazy. so thatll be interesting. anyway. thats about all for this week. i love you all so much. talk to you soon!
-elder madsen  

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